What are you aiming at? (29 Photos-if you're easily offended, please don't click)

This one will probably piss some people off. Sorry if it's offensive. If your not crying, let's have a laugh.
theBRIGADE wants to know what you're shooting at?
Submit your Photos here

theBRIGADE wants to know what you’re shooting at?
Submit your Photos here

  • rabbit

    tango down.

    • Willy Fuckallotapuss

      I like the use of the M21. Descent rifle

  • Robinis


  • P90

    If you're easily offended……fuck off.

    • Rick

      I had to put it in there. It's like when someone cusses in a video, I put a language warning…some people just have to complain

      • mcmguy

        People THAT easily offended need to not visit one of the raddest of sites. Problem solved.

        • Wakka Wakka

          Guy 1 – Do you know The Chive?
          Guy 2- No, what's that?
          Guy 3 – Only the raddest site on the FUCKING planet

  • Denver

    That was awesome. If you are offended, you are an idiot

  • Dave

    Too late to add all the women from "The View"?

    • OUTRAGE!

      If you're going to cap Bill Maher, Rachel Maddow and Rosie O'Donnell, then at least have the common courtesy to take out Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck. Gotta keep things even on either side of the crazy douche scale.

      • BigBwana

        Absolutely not. There's nothing crazy about Bill, Ann or Glenn. They're almost always right and the other three are simply liberals. Thus, they're always wrong.

        • C-man

          I think you have the crazy backwards. Bill, Ann, and Glenn put together don't have two brain cells to rub together.

          • zenbuck

            I'm no fan of Micheal Moore, but at least add that junkie gasbag Rush L. He went deaf from taking such high doses of vicodin. what a moron….by the way…people aren't really all liberal or conservative, develop a subtler, more nuanced thought process BigBwana…it'll help the world be a better place. That guy that just stopped to pull you out of that burning car and saved your life might be a "libtard" but I guess since they are always wrong, saving you must have been the "wrong" course of action.

            • vince

              The problem with that logic is, a Liberal wouldn't stop to help. He would form a committee to look into the problem, ignore the feasibility studies, and create a governmental agency to take care of the problem, as soon as enough funding came in to pay the 100 staffers, and line the pockets of the congressmen who are busy congratulating themselves on such a wonderful piece of legislation.

              • Red Link

                way to turn Chive into a political post- who's the douche now boys?

              • zenbuck

                What a bunch of BS…you are deluded. I saved a dude one time who was injured in a hunting accident. He is a tea bag enthusiast. I guess I should have left him to die in the woods.

  • Ballzonya

    I was a bit surprised there was no duck faces in here.

  • Ryan

    Billy Mays as Dr. Roxxo FTW!

  • Mizzat

    Yay shoot Gaga pleaase

  • Doug

    Okay, I get all of these except for the Prius

    Really? A prius? What did it ever do to you?

    • Awesome.

      It emasculated America is what it did. You can be eco friendly without looking, acting, or being a douch bag. People need to understand that. Is the same way you can be gay and still be a man and not some prissy queen. You like fish sticks?

      • Greg

        haha. Congratulations on getting your world view from South Park.

        • Jawbone

          Congratulations on being named Greg. Just as relevant.

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      the smug.

    • mcmguy

      Have you ever noticed that EVERYONE that drives a prius, drives like an asshole? If you drive one, then yes, you also drive like an asshole.

  • charles

    looks like the Brigade was invaded by a bunch of Right wing Tea Baggin scared little white men! tsk tsk quite sad.

    • nathan

      I wish I could Tea Bag you through this computer screen

      • kaveman4130

        that sounded soooooooooooooo gay, fag.

        • Jawbone

          "tsk tsk"? Nope. Looks like the douchebags are still firmly entrenched.

  • Tudor

    Lame, boring, poorly done and not funny. Boooo.

  • Griffin

    #12 – I swear that is Fred Savage in drag

    • PolarBearHater

      I'd hit it…well until I find a dick.

  • Guest

    You should have put "if you're easily offended by retarded boring things" in the title instead.

    • Jawbone

      Well, we couldn't have known you'd be in here. We can't tell the future!!!

  • http://www.skinventory.dk TheRealSnowman

    #4 and #16 FIRE!!!!

    • honeybadger

      You forgot 28…fire..fire.fire.fire until you hear 'click'!

  • Lynn

    kittens……really? LOL I ❤ CHIVE!!! :*

  • anon

    #23 If it's the apple being aimed at then I'm offended!

  • Nicnac

    surprised that a site that would be banned by the pious right wing would be so pro-right wing…

  • Stevo

    #13 & 14 – don't waste your time soldier, when the bear cavalry and tyranids show up, it's time to steal everything not nailed down and leg it.

  • Borgia

    Really? No Bush, no Cheney, no Rove? You know, the guys who sent our soldiers off to war because of lies. The guys who cut soldiers and soldiers families bennifits. The guys behind the disgrace that our VA hospitals had become. The guys who sent our soldiers to Iraq and not Saudi, where most of the terrorists from 9/11 hailed from. Oh well.

    • mcmguy

      You need to do better research. Bush gave us some pretty hefty pay raises. Can't really say the same for the current doucheb…errrr…president. There is also "other" reasns (besides oil) that we didn't invade Saudi. Maybe join the military and learn some truths your Liberal professors didn't teach you.

      • charles

        this is what all that military brainwashing leads to, eventually brain dead (which it appears he's about 90% there). not hefty pay raises o' blind one, those are called death bribes. silly kids

        • mcmguy

          Better yet, come by my shop and meet a friend of mine that lost both legs so you can be douche bag. Just remember to tell him thank you, as I do everyday.

      • youneverknow

        mcmguy, may i ask your background in economics??

        • mcmguy

          My backround is 10 years in the miltary. While I make a pretty good living, my friends that went to college are "working" at Whalgreen's. Charles, maybe you should join the military and some fucking pride in your country instead of coming to sites like this and bashing people who give you the opportunity to preach your bullshit, liberal agenda. Until you attend some sort of basic training/boot camp, go fist yourself.

          • mcmguy


  • FartFace

    Cowa Dooty made me lol

  • Woody

    so borgia by that logic, if I, as an american, move to france and commit terrorist acts against spain with the backing of the french government, then spain should attack america for retribution? the 9/11 terrorists might have been saudi but it was common knowledge they were supported financially and armed by saddam. do your research before making posts. also, for those getting bent out of shape about libral leaning figures getting the short end of the stick here, fix your cameltoe and shut up. this website is designed to show support for troops and comedy, not politics

    • Greg

      Ummm. I think you might want to do the research. Saddam and Iraq would almost have been considered in opposition to Al Qaeda. No ties at all, and Saddam even kept them OUT of Iraq, and they stayed out… that is until the U.S. invaded the country.

      Now, what is true is that they were supported and funded by the Taliban, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.

      I just think it's funny that the idea of "supporting the troops" is having beef with the political party that's trying to get troops better equipment, and better support. The "right" who love those yellow magnets on their cars don't do much beyond that. Except cutting benefits, denying body armor, etc etc etc.

      So sad to see so many brainwashed.

    • honeybadger

      Hip, hip hooray. Tell it as it is!

  • Conor

    YES, someone know who Cristiano Ronaldo is and what a cancer he is on this planet.

    High five to you good sir!

  • youneverknow

    if this post came true, we'd be left with marth stewart and chuck norris.

    • JAFitC

      In that case, my money is on Chuck.

  • PolarBearHater

    These were funny, except for the Bill Mahr one. He makes me laugh.

  • bob


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