Brand new Google Earth treasures in high-res -Part 2 (30 Photos)

If you missed Part 1 of Google Earth treasuers in high-res -click HERE

If you missed Part 1 of Google Earth treasuers in high-res -click HERE

  • Wraith Ten

    awesome pics i think i would rather be at #27 right now

  • Glen Edward Wheeler

    is the elephants face blurred?

    • Its-a me, Mario

      Thats what she said!

      • Anonymous


  • Nelson Costa

    Yeah, most of them are from BRAZIL alright

    • marcos

      yeah i think like all of them are from brasil… smh

  • Nec

    I really like the motorboat in #1

  • Benjamin Carnahan

    Brazil looks fun. . . . .yeah, fun.

  • HLe

    Now I know where to look for a prostitute thanks to Google Earth street view

  • Haters Gonna Hate

    what did you blur in 12? o_o

    • valleybronco

      well, not their faces for sure.

    • Bob in accounting

      knee caps are so filthy

    • Anon

      apparently, those girls can be identified by their thighs.

  • FullBlownStoned

    Google sure snaps a lot of hookers.

  • Anonymous

    Did the google guy survive no.26? I hope so, that dude looks angry!

    • SteamboatWillie,-46.733

      click around and you'll see this guy coming towards a family enjoying an afternoon on the sun and other people…

      • Archibald Shagnasty

        Why does google selectively censor their material??? What happened to their self righteous "do no evil" slogan?

        • MattFoley

          Actually I guess they're trying to hide the evil… as soon as Brazil went online they had to cover lots of corpses on the ground – including a decapitation on one of the busiest streets on Rio

  • silkystealthsurgeon

    anyone else see that cool looking six wheeled truck in 10?

    • What?

      lol. I don't think that's a 6 wheeled truck…

  • sheriff

    can we have the coordinates of pictures 4 and 8 please…

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Giving the finger to the camera car. Tick and check. Done. Dusted. Move along.

    Can we have something original from those total tools now?


  • Philippe Cirilo

    Brazil is an epic place

  • Chairman Meow

    #17… a touch of romance BABY yeah

  • youdummy

    "Hello 911?… yes I stubbed my toe….I was riding my scooter in flip-flops, the thongy kind…no…no…yes, I am gay…"

  • schizophrenic

    dang google earth folk caught me with my britches down! -cletus (the simpsons)

  • boooger

    All the google street view hookers in other countries look hot. The street walkers around here are all nasty looking meth heads. I might actually consider bagging up and going for it if they had legs like those.

    • V4Vendetta14

      Get used to being mugged by the likes of the two "hoods" in #10… jk

  • kingblc

    Wanna live in the box? two bucks a day.

    • schizophrenic

      also a simpsons quote!

  • topher

    Yeah these pictures are funny, but google really needs to stop doing this. It is really weird and creepy.

  • Brownje

    Best job ever: Google Earth Mobile driver in Brazil… on a side note, these picture make my life seem boring as hell

  • ricardo

    most pics of brazil show the not-so-good parts of rio de janeiro.. the country as a whole isnt so bad

    • beoliveiraa

      True say. Bad perspectives of a great country. Some funny pics, though.

  • CalculatedRisk

    With that many 'women of negotiable affection', maybe they should just call it Ogle Earth…

  • femtrooper

    So many hookers

  • yay

    1,4,5,7,8,9,11,13, 17,18,20,21,22,25,26,29, all of these are in brazil, and most of them are in são paulo, it wont be too hard to find these pictures if you think that são paulo is the second biggest city in the world, and #7 is next to my home

    • gar

      25 is in mexico city, look at the cop

    • LordTea

      #22 here 😀
      oh wait, this isnt good :/

  • top dog

    There's moons and fingers all through this one, they must really hate Google Earth.

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