How to land a plane when you lose a wing (5 Photos)

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  • xasda


    • a BiPolar guy

      Yes, I felt happy the pilot made it down too. Your either meant that or you sir, are an idiot.

      • xLSDx

        Either that, or it's gay

        • stinger5797

          either that or your an ass****

  • Joe

    wings just fall off all the time, right?

  • unfairrobot

    So the answer is: you crash?

  • LT B

    Sure beats making a smoking hole in the ground.

  • vince

    Granted, by definition, this is "landing" a plane. However, a plane crashing to the ground also meets the strict definition.
    I would have called this post, "How to safely get back to earth when you have a shit-your-pants moment"

    • PilotChunk

      You can land any plane once. If you can use it again afterwards, that's a plus.

  • antrid

    Using the ejector seat would have been much more dramatic.

  • Brian Larter

    Using a parachute seems like a lame way out. why not just land the damn plane like a real man!

    • top dog

      Well in case you didn't notice, the plane only had one wing. It's kinda hard to land a plane with one wing, might work with a toy plane, not a real one. The main thing was to get down safely, I believe the pilot did that.

    • Guest

      Yup yup, your linked video is all kinds of fake.

  • Al Adriel Hinojos

    It would have been funny if it just happened to be full of silverware instead of a parachute

  • TheDude

    This is an experimental aircraft (Rans S-9). This is a 1000lbs aircraft… there is no ejection seat, but nice try. This particular individual was stressing this aircraft far beyond its capabilities. Multiple times, he negatively loaded the wing, and it was only a matter of time before he experienced catastrophic failure.

    No one leaves the ground expected to have an accident.

  • TheOtherDude

    Oh and you obviously know that the one wing landing is completely fake.

    • Raul Duke

      A one wing landing is not fake. An Israeli fighter pilot did it in an F-15. View it here…

  • Gecko

    I love breakthroughs in safety technology
    saves pilots lives
    saves buildings and property
    saves the lives of those back down on the ground.

  • BigDingo

    parachutes are Hax


    5,14,20,21,22 -> Awesome rest Doop.

  • TheNextDude

    I didn't say no one has ever accomplished a one wing landing….. I said the previous video was fake. Further more, let's be honest, what is the likely hood of this actually happening.

    You also have to understand that your average civilian pilot has no where near the training nor flying hours a military pilot will have.

    Parachutes are absolutely not a HOAX, try doing some research before posting. Full frame parachutes have accounted for hundreds of lives saved and as soon as naive people of the world start actually thinking, the parachute systems will be giving the chance to save hundreds more.

  • equalizermax

    I don't think he survived

  • TheNextDude

    The pilot walked away with out injury

  • Dustmiretheturd

    My dad did that in a plane once. My dad is a plane

  • Underhill

    Ballistic Recovery Systems of Minnesota is a manufacturer of similar parachute systems.

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