Not quite part of a complete breakfast (26 Photos)

These amazing food sculptures by American artist Kim Burke. More of her work can be seen HERE.

  • akiro

    randommest post EVER in the chive

    • Nolok

      maybe not "ever," but definitely way up there

  • DuDE

    #12 OMG ITS L!

    • BigDingo

      I'll admit, the nerd in me gasmed just a little at that one.

      • Claire

        Same. The second I saw that picture I got excited. xD

  • jojo

    im getting hungry

  • Trund

    Wow the level of detail in these miniature foods is awesome!

  • BigDingo

    What is this, a meal for ants?!?

    It has to be at least 3 times this big. How can you feed the children if the food can't even fill their mouths?

    • a BiPolar guy

      yes sir you are correct. and think of the wasted food that went into this. and the farms that had to be dedicated to growing the tiny vegetables and fruit.
      The obvious answer is to breed smaller humans. Population control is partially effective but if humans were 1/4 as big we would need one forth the farmland, one fourth the resources of every kind. cars would be smaller and use less fuel.

      • Hulia Hay

        Obviously sculpty clay??? Duh…

        • dubya

          You Sir are a Reh' Tard…. That's french for retarded.

    • Jocobim Mugatu

      I don't think they got the Zoolander reference.

  • vince

    Super-size it, and you've got a deal…

  • Da Sandman

    and what axactly is the point of this…?

    • Sizzle

      Exactly what I was thinking. Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you shouldn't. If people put this much effort into curing diseases like cancer and AIDS as they do putting effort into stupid shit like this they call "art" we'd be invincible by now.

      • Ramon

        I'm guessing this artist is not a top notch scientist. People commonly make stuff like this and auction it off for charity. It's better than just typing in some comments like a d!ck.

  • youdummy

    I'm gonna need more bacon.

  • Lynne Sandipants

    Those are fantastic. #1 is making me hungry!

  • FLHomesteader

    Wait… How do we know it isn't a giant taking pictures of normal sized food?

  • femtrooper


  • cyphon

    What? & Why?

  • metalcool36


  • SkittleMonsterr

    Some of these actually look yummyyy. And I definitely would have thought some of these were real if the title hadn't given them away.

  • Diana Santos


    soooooo cute!!! :$

  • equalizermax

    Available for Smurfs

  • BloodScrubber

    Looks like a case of…..fingerfood.


  • Kai

    Somebody's a deathnote fan ^_^

  • Lou

    Great if you are on a diet

  • Ed W

    At first i was like… "Why?"
    But then i saw the anime guy and i was like… "Those silly japanese"

  • llama beans

    Is this Verne Troyer's new bistro?

  • Dayna Vaughan

    im a little hungry now.

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