The new internet sensation is… this cat (18 Photos)

This is Giuly. A couple weeks ago her owner Chiara Bagnoli uploaded her photos to the internets and they went instantly viral. Since cats are the cornerstone of the internet, theCHIVE will post. Do not say 'Awwwww'

  • dustin

    the sombrero is a nice touch

  • ATouchofInsanity

    I 'awwww'-ed…*looks around* And the world hasn't ended…so…what now?


    • Gern Blanston

      Export to theBerry to make more room for back problems…

    • Gibson

      I smell homosexual.

      • pacemaker

        easy to recognize your own

        • Gibson

          Hah!! Good one pacemaker! Don't quit your day job at the gay factory!

          • JDC

            Really? Gay factory?

            "I'm going with jerk store. Jerk store is the line. Jerk store!"

            • Dayna Vaughan

              george costanza ftw!

            • stacy030

              Can't beat a Seinfeld reference!

  • stefanhartman

    Fat cats are the BEST!

  • Oscar

    cats are dumb

    • Del

      cats suck ass

  • Dave

    Really, this fat cat, sensation of the internet……come on, bring more volleyball girls.

    • Jesse Waters

      ^^^ What he said.

  • aggie

    Its rare you see a cat with so much dormant muscle…it is even in its face.

  • silkystealthsurgeon

    shame on the owner for letting it get that fat, poor thing

    • Ramon

      Screw you. Shame on your mom for sh!tting you out and making us deal with you.

      • silkystealthsurgeon

        now why would you go and say something like that? as if you get that defensive over a fat cat! get a life dude!

        • Red

          And, yet… You're the one that started it by being so judgmental of the owners. Get a life, dude!

          • silkystealthsurgeon

            hey at least mine was a valid comment rather than some random bit of abuse. why are you even standing up for him?

            • jabbawocky

              cos he's right.

  • stafferty

    It had a cheezberger 2 meny timez

  • Stewie Griffin

    It's smells like there's a cat here, but I bet there's no cat.

  • Dakota

    that's a fat pussy… hehe

    • walker the stalker

      nice picture and pussy joke. you must be fun. cheers.

    • mipo2010

      If a guy said that comment he'd get thumbed down to hell and back!!!

      • Dakota

        i was surprised no one tried before me… 🙂

  • tazz

    ok where are the real chive posts? is this april fools day or something ???

  • Erbn

    He looks eerily like Simon's Cat from the same web cartoon series, especially in photo 17.

  • Ryan

    HAHAHA. It looks like Wilford Brimley! DIABEETUS

  • Sniff, Sniff, Ah....

    When I heard that Chive was finally going to show some pussy, I was like "Awww Yahh", but then I was like "Awww Maan"

  • yeehaw

    This is Chives way of getting away with posting pussy ant not getting in trouble.

  • Shoestring

    Chive usually does not disappoint. This shit is weak. Shits weak.

  • Ballzonya

    I fucking hate cats…

  • Capt. Monterey Jack

    Why did this go viral? It's an f-ing cat. I mean, how much excitement do people lack in their lives that they are going crazy over something like this?

  • jroc

    stick with hot girls

  • Nathaniel Patrick Fancypants

    That doesn't look like a cat so much as a ball of congealed gravy left to gather dust for about 3 years.

    • Kjell King


  • bob

    must be an american cat 😉

    • A.H.

      Or they're getting it ready for an Asian thanksgiving.

  • Kai

    Fat cat eats too much lasagna ^_^

  • DaddyD

    Chubby + pussy = WIN

    This chubby pussy = FAIL

    • DaddyD is funny

      I thought that comment was awesome

  • saltygary

    Maru Pisses on this cat.

    • Me.

      Exactly 🙂 Maru has millions of views on the tube!

    • kaycee

      Maru is entertaining. Not just a lump of fuzzy kitty.

  • Onlunch

    Cat. The other red meat.
    Cat. Another word for Pussy

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