The new internet sensation is… this cat (18 Photos)

This is Giuly. A couple weeks ago her owner Chiara Bagnoli uploaded her photos to the internets and they went instantly viral. Since cats are the cornerstone of the internet, theCHIVE will post. Do not say 'Awwwww'

  • iamwhoiam

    did this remind anyone of cartman frm southpark as "the coon" during the bp&cathulu episodes?

  • Tangerin_e

    ke asko, un gato y gordo :S

  • cheezebits

    #10 – "I wonder what smells like my litter box…is it my paw….yep, it's my paw."

  • Anonymous

    I love seriously fat cats.

  • derpson


  • Beth Vogel

    Looks like Nermal from Garfield.

  • BrutalDeluxe

    Ha ha, look at that fat piece of shit!

  • No Name

    He has got so many poses. Impressive.

  • kitkat49601

    saltygary…I agree. MARU is awesome!!!

  • Raul Duke

    Yeah, this cat post kinda sucks.

    Moar volleyball girls please and thank you.

  • flenin

    its odd stare reminds me of the brain dead horse on family guy

  • gbody

    Garfield is really starting to show his age. Look at all the gray hair!

  • top dog

    Nice looking cat, but it won't be for long if you keep feeding it to death. Thats not love, thats abuse…just saying.

  • valleybronco

    my cats are cuter.

  • pentti

    awwww…. AWWWWW….. fat pussy, oooooooh….. OOOOOOOOh….FAT pussy??

  • 123roasthim

    I bet it belongs to a fat lonely lady

  • aditya

    This cat is EVIL.!

  • gtesrgdsgds

    I feel bad for the poor thing :/

  • fibonacci5150

    hey gang….. look at #3….. now remember the giant meme yellow cat that just looks like a predatory fur ball. put them together and make a 2 headed hydra cat….. or on either side of the nunchuck cheetah breathing fire i dunno Chive mascot. win

  • nox

    one of the coolest colored cats i have ever seeeeen.

  • gustang

    worst. post. ever.

  • Evelyn Ponce Quintero

    reminds me of a grey garfield

  • Da Sandman

    stop giving your cat sweets, animal molestor..

  • rachface

    16 & 17 are amazing.
    I want that fat lil shit.

  • muureh

    He's so cute x3

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