Any thoughts on the BMW’s 6 Series Coupe Concept? (6 Photos)

It's not the most exciting car but it looks capable of being fast. It's not the car for me but I don't dis-like it. Anyone have a thought on the 6 Series Coupe Concept?

  • f360spider

    Looks too much like the current CL550 Mercedes…

  • Dom

    The Headlights are uglyyyy.
    And the tails look good when faced straight from the back, but not so great from the side.

    Rest of the car looks like a bimmer. Nothing really new.

    • Rick

      Exactly how I felt. Nothing too new, not bad, not exciting, I'm sure chicks would like it, it's a nice BMW. I had to ask the question b/c I had no real opinion on it.

  • CBRian1k

    Lines look like BMW's interpretation of what a two door Aston Martin Rapide would look like.

  • whickity whack

    I'm too tall to fit in it but I like it. I bet it looks pretty slick in black. Like f360spider I think it looks too much like the Benz and I'd rather have the Benz.

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