Daily Afternoon Randomness (42 Photos)

  • Drewggles

    #31, lipbiting is the exact opposite of duckface…in that I mean it turns me all randy n shit haha

  • isawoj

    #37 Wow, look at all that starch. No wonder we have so many fat kids in the US.

  • robsterling

    #3 – Blonde or brunette, Becca is still beautiful! I like the purity ring and understand it after the way she was screwed over by an ex. Lovely girl done wrong.

  • karli

    i love love love love love that Beatles one 🙂 do more on the beatles!

  • walkingdeadonline

    #11, Stephen Fry. What a legend.

  • Mee

    Number 11 is British comedian Stephen Fry, long time friend and comedy partner of Hugh Laurie, in his Mrs Fry guise.

  • GINO


  • Vandura

    lip biting is hot!

  • Hell No

    You losers that droll over "lip biting" instead of history like number 40, don't get laid regularly. HAHAHAHAHAHA. It's so true. The thumbs down mean nothing compared to getting some whenever I want, but enjoy your internet lip biting pictures boys. I am sure Jill will get you through it.

  • Bobbo

    Lip biting is super hot.
    Thanks Chive ❤

  • elbruces

    #11: Stephen Fry from "A bit of Fry and Laurie." (yes, that Laurie)

    #23: You done been trolled.

  • matt

    fry AND laurie in the same post…. what's going on here chive? your awesome quota is filling fast.

  • Rick

    Chive thanks for the great tush. What would you call a tush that almost swallows the panties thats on them? Id call it epic but it needs a name

  • Matt

    23 is meant to be a joke picture, whoever thought it failed…. failed

  • BostonBri

    I like that we get A Bit of Fry (11) & Laurie (30). Truly random… or not?

  • Patrick

    #31 Lip-biting is mad sexy

  • Hans

    #6 is my home-team…they go by the stupid name of "young boys bern" 😀

  • Brian

    Wow. The 3rd pic. She is amazing. I might cry.

  • ocho

    just when i think you cant do anything more stupid. . you go and do that #42 and TOTALLY redeem yourselves. . excellent ass

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