Dear China, Why on earth do you eat bugs? Love, theCHIVE (20 photos)

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  • Kevin Hodge

    taste like chicken…..

  • fishnomz

    whats worse is the live fish they cook only the body, so that it;s mouth still moves while the body is being eaten

  • Razgard

    Yeah, #6 is from here in Mexico, not in China. No chinese woman could make a tortilla. And #11 FUCK!!! That thing is so big that I could be it's food!!!

  • tom

    ahlalala what a bunch of crap; the only place in Beijing where you can find this kind of food is in Wangfujin, solely dedicated to american tourists .

  • ziplaze

    Fool…. cuz they are delicious and more healthy than mammal meat

  • nores

    Still not as bad as British foods. Deep fried fat with ketchup FTL.

  • TTq

    Those ppl in Alaska eat freaking RAW SEAL now that is WTF ( watch No Reservation ) and ppl eat freak ROTTEN SHARK MEAT in iceland ( the meat is poisonous when fresh so they need to eat it ROTTEN !!! now compare tht to those bug i'll take them bugs anyday !!!!! Bt rather not choose at all

  • poster nutbag

    I've traveled and lived in Asia and Southeast Asia for a few years now…it is a delicacy. I;'ve eaten crickets, spiders, silk worms (very disgusting,) and various other things. Most taste like chicken are are very high in protein.

  • What?

    You are what you eat "YOU FUCKING COCK-A-ROACH!"

  • Dr Furner

    I've been to China several times, and the turtle is the only thing I have seen on the menu. Most of those are from SE Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, etc.)

    Ya'll know that in India, cows are considered cooler than humans, how do you think they look at us and our hamburgers? Expand your horizons, folks, it'll do ya good.

    BTW, the first poster said: Because they are poor and stupid. Bear in mind 1) we owe them 1.5 trillion bucks and 2) their kids do far better in Math and Science than ours. I'm just sayin.

  • grgf

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  • Mao Tze Tung

    I Billion many people we are in China, no enough chikan in my country, how come bugs no good ?

    Yam Yam
    China Man.

  • Dapper_Dave

    #11 NOPE!!!!!!

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