From Russia with lust (31 photos)

  • mca

    How do I put them in my cart?

    • Dr Strangelove

      16 is delicious

  • Pat

    Thank you Chive!!!!

  • Sniff, Sniff, Ah....

    In Soviet Russia, hot babes fap to YOU!

  • DasGootz

    More of 10 please…….

    • Stalin

      my thoughts exactly….

    • Nelson Costa

      that's Irina Shayk. Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend

  • stafferty


    (Loosely translated-"MOAR")

    • lolkimi

      I thought that meant "big"

  • Yates

    I do love me some Eastern European girls.

  • Patrick

    is 26 Hot-4-Words?

  • Brandon

    Put up the damn chivettes im tired of wating

    • Put up the girls

      You know website advertising rates are determined by web hits. Soooo, saying a popular weekly post will be put up at a certain time and the delaying it a few hours can create a VERY large number of hits as we check back often to see if it's up, therefore creating extra $$$ for the website. Marketing 101.

      • Anonymous

        My boner doesn't give a fuck about Marketing… and I work in marketing.

        • Erik von Markovik

          Well played.

  • douche

    #23 – Cherry Jul..this Fap brought to you by tineye

    • dajesus

      And…Safesearch apparently just got slingshotted in the dickhole cause it was useless.

  • Long Duck Dong

    Kind of like porn stars with make up – only Russian flavored

  • Slim

    Mmmm…. Freeones. My favorite website not named theChive.

  • atomotodd

    I'd like to have sex with #20's belly button. look at the size of that thing!

    • maybe

      Do you make your condoms from latex glove fingers?

    • You're Funny

      It's a large belly button, but to say you could have sex with it says a lot about you too. Do you have a thing for thimbles as well?

      • atomotodd

        I am certain you could fit a can of four loko in that belly button. are thimbles bigger than I remember?

  • hornball

    more like from russia with lust i would only have if i was drunk

  • top dog

    Women are just beautiful the world over…I'am aw..I'am gonna go and look at these a few more times now.

  • equalizermax

    chive really loves Russians

  • Simon James Law

    I think I'm beginning to understand why Russia won the 2018 World Cup bid.

    • DaddyD

      Then what explains Qatar's win? Oh yeah … money …

  • jim

    t.A.T.u. is freakin hot!!!!

  • guest0019

    number 11 was born a man

    • rick

      #11 from dancing with the stars

    • Ben

      If any was born a man, it was 7

  • maybe

    Вы, можем мы иметь больше?

  • hair of the dog

    Freeones = faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

  • BloodScrubber

    Some real beauty from Russia! No 9 Yum.
    *cue James Bond music….

  • zym

    They can host the World Cup. The World Cup of my boner!

    Yeah, I got skills with the ladies. o.0

  • frank

    more tush like 15 please

  • chrisdg74

    I see a lot of potential mail-order brides here….

  • Finster

    GOD DAMMIT!!!!! I hate masturbating at work!

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