From Russia with lust (31 photos)

  • teximport

    I'd plant my seed in 8,10, and especially 15 & 20 !


  • NomNomGirls

    #19 it's a TRAP!

  • V4Vendetta14

    I'm glad that whole nuclear annihilation thing never happened. Russia has something far more valuable than oil to offer. Hot chicks!!!

  • anfisa chekhov

    #12 – anfisa chekhov

  • Armina Orlova

    #26 – Armina Orlova

  • Oksana Pochepa

    #20 Oksana Pochepa

  • Irina Voronina

    #1 Irina Voronina

  • Dan

    No Olga Kurylenko?

  • Anonymous

    Number 26, Marina needs her own post!!!

  • Bob

    These girls almost make up for Russia hosting the 2018 World Cup, bunch of corrupt gangsters!!!!!

  • Mark Harris

    From Russia, with luv….nice!

  • Matt

    They're not all Russian, but still… Daaeem!! I loove gingers!!!

  • TheDonger

    How do you say "boing" in Russian?

  • nepster

    I'm pretty sure 19 and 26 have a penis.

  • Gay Nazi

    If you noticed the Swastikas behind #28, I have really bad news for you.

  • ohwhatthehell

    I'm a sucker for gray eyes like #9. Think you have enough for a collection?

  • TONY

    Me, 3 and 10, a box of boiled scorpions, 3 moose eggs and a month to recover!

    Tally HOoooooooooooooooooo

  • floscar

    Only problem with these Ruskies, no butts!

  • MMAN87

    Yesss #7 Maria Verchenova! Seriously dudes, check more of this golf girl out. To me, she's got Natalie Gulbis beat, and I think Natalie is a knockout!

  • Игорь

    что то мало тут русских девушек

  • Katie Ashley

    #12 is wow!

    Visit for more sexy girls like her xxxxx

  • Adora

    they all look as typical Russian women.

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