Best photos of the week (45 Photos)

  • lolsauce

    #36 is so hot…more pics please

    • AzzMan

      awesomest one yet…. she makes that altima look hot!

  • Some Body

    a HAPPY Mother's Day!

    ..and Great Week!

    • Lawngnome909

      Totally forgot that it's mothers day… Thanks for the reminder mate

      • DaddyD

        Not in the USA it's not.

        • mmmike

          So confused. Bought a card just in case.

  • Lawngnome909

    I agree, #36 has some body karate going on. Find her !!!

  • sigh.

    Chive, I used to like you. But, now that every other pic is that of a naked girl, I am about done.

    • DaddyD

      Chive, I used to like you. But, now that ONLY every other pic is that of a naked girl, I am about done.


    • Ryan White

      you must be gay. no offense to homosexuals.

    • Snuker

      Yup I agree – there are sites for girls and there are sites for funny photos – not sure what the Chive is any more. I don't care about naked girls but it is a bit boring scrolling through them when I want funny photos

    • Orlandu

      Agree, Used to be able to separate looking at the funny photos at work (allowed to browse), and the girls pics for home browsing. While I do love me some girl pic threads, let's try to keep 'em separated like you used to.. please?

  • bobson the second

    36!!!! GET IT!!!!!!!!

    • DaddyD

      But no love for 31?

      • evihc

        or 13?

  • ikindalikeapples

    15- that dog has got the right idea

  • Claire

    So..#1 has a song dedicated to it.
    Pizza Day -The Aquabats. hehe

    • will

      As soon as I saw it that song started blaring in my head

      • Samalama

        uh greeeeeed!!

    • DaddyD

      Really annoying when Chive changes the content of the post such that references to picture numbers no longer make sense.

    • Dooder

      That song rocks! One of the best on the album.

  • tonyfromkiama

    the kangaroo in 16 would have said ARSEHOLE

    • Scarlet-Wolf Ferrari Night-Rider

      I thought the exact same thing.

  • muNICU

    star wars, kangaroos, and boobies kick ass

  • miracle

    Hey, nr.22 is my university (TU Munich)
    And yes, you can use the slides

    • freddue

      only if you're willing to take the trip to the math/IT building

      • miracle

        ah cool i take it youre a fellow tum student
        if youre in garching you occasionally have to visit this faculty though

    • timmy

      I thought it was installation in a US prison. oops. CB4 that crap Gusto

      • 2drunk2fuck

        looked like a prison to me too. then i wondered how many times ppl piss down them

  • curious

    So why is it that the left breast is almost ALWAYS bigger? Ladies? Is it a conspiracy?

    • Diana Santos

      i dont know…in my case its the rigth one lol i guess im different from other girls 😦 lol

    • answer

      It's because it's over the heart, so its pushed out a bit to make more room for it. The right doesn't have that.

      • Lisa_Martin

        That sounds like something Cliff Clavin would say. Totally plausible on the surface…COULD be true…but you still want to throw the BULLSHIT flag! LOL

      • the dude

        The heart is inside the ribcage genius, girls don't have an extended ribcage. By your logic, guys would have a lopsided chest also.

        • Deadalready

          The right arm is stronger than the left in most cases, so there tends to be a little more fat in the left hand side of the body. It's pronounced in girls because of the breasts.

  • Hitbox


    would fit perfectly into The Connells Video for 74' 75'

  • Jmac2586


  • Dan

    #36 = pure awesomeness!

  • Poopslikelittlebunny

    still can't get over #13 Now that's a booty

  • Anon

    Fukken sauce on #7 !!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Who is that girl on photo #36?

    • (.Y.)

      Angie Varona

  • 13ms13

    Wow, your Bosnian friend is fucking amazing!

    • Phondo

      Lucky amazing.

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  • The Book of Freak

    #19 funny as fuck. Subway for lunch, Don't mind if I do!

  • Diana Santos

    #19 loooooooooool

    lucky kanguru…he is eating in two ways ate the same time ^_^

  • chrisdg74

    14 – They forgot O.G. (Original Gangsta)
    31 – Even though the question was not asked – yes, in a heartbeat.

  • BloodScrubber

    No 15 I see what youre doing there….well played.

    No 5 Thank you. Your chilliness put a smile on my face.

  • 8bithero

    The first one was taken where I grew up.

    Galliker's is only available in one area on Earth.

    And Valewood Farms is better anyway.

  • Joel

    Thumbs up or a ‘Tush Tuesday’

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