A Chiver asked me who my favorite ginger is (31 Photos)

Yeah, I know her hair is dyed. Don't care

  • pat

    Super cute, great performer, seems very nice, total package.

  • http://www.facebook.com/antunr Antun Radencic

    Wow, "haterz gonna hate", huh? I yelyah

  • anon

    Haley Williams is a total babe. nuff said.

  • caffeeneaddict

    love her!

  • David

    Don't mind if I did.

  • adam

    #31 just shows how much she loves to perform saw PARAMORE live last year with my GF it was a great show. HAYLEY is such a cutie and a big goofball as well she is a crack up.

  • mmmbeens

    …at #30:

  • STP

    Love Paramore, love Hayley. Well done chive.

  • Fyre13

    Tripping! I just got off paramore.net, checking the updates, when lo and behold-HAYLEY on Chive!!!
    Way to go. Now I've got my whole day planned, I'll be busy!

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  • https://www.facebook.com/David.W.Beaton David Beaton

    hailey williams!!! marry me!!!

  • JAH

    Love her. But you need a .gif of her performing, when you see that you'll want MOAR.

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