A user just sent me his newest creation, ‘She Can’ (14 Photos)

Our staff has been passing these photos around all morning. Don't try and make sense of any of this.

  • Gabriel

    I nominate this for the FAIL AWARDS OF 2011.

  • RGH

    …that was so nerdy, but all the beautiful women made up for it.

    (Karen Gillan is just awesome!)

  • doop

    13 failed

  • cough/cool

    more please

  • Dominic

    Please don't do this again

  • Joe

    "Incept your mind"? I do not think this word means what you think it means.

  • nowei

    #7 – its*

  • Chris

    talks about their characters in various movies… some are opposites of each other… made sense to me…

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