Daily Afternoon Randomness (38 Photos)

  • jamison

    38, the only thing you've proved is that Newcastle women are ugly sea-donkeys

    • todd

      With duck face…

    • atomotodd

      correction – ugly duckfaced sea-donkeys.

      • atomotodd

        whoa dude. that's a fucking goocher. I promise I didn't see your duckface post before I posted. two todd's, thinking alike, at the same time. call the fucking newspapers.

        • AusLuap

          Now the Chive has no option but to post a blog on "Newcastle women: the ugly fuckfaced sea-donkeys and other crimes against humanity"

    • Brian

      You are insulting sea-donkeys everywhere.

    • Englishman

      Said it once before and will say it again…..

      F-in Geordies, think their women are hot, their football team is the best, and cant hold on to a manager!

      Sea donkeys Live!

    • Edward

      Jamison… well done my friend well done. LMAO

    • sickofthecomplaints

      I love how the people on this site are so quick to call chicks ugly. You are losers spending all day on the computer, and probably don't get laid on a regular basis. And if you were honest you'd be happy to bang almost any chick on this site if she was willing to have you.

      • yepANDnope

        ^OBVIOUSLY one of the aforementioned ugly chicks……or the shamed boyfriend.

        • sickofthecomplaints

          not from newcastle and not a chick. just don't believe everyone on this site is banging super hot chicks like the ones with lower back problems.

          • HungLikeSeabiscuit

            Technically, by being on this site and posting means you are also not banging chicks… Therefore, my good sir, your argument is invalid.

            • sickofthecomplaints

              I said "hot chicks" not all of them in general.

      • trollradius

        You're a butt pirate, and hot chicks love us chive commenters. Fag.

        • sickofthecomplaints

          Wow that went south quick. Can you tell me where the hot chicks are that love dudes on the internet? I'd love to meet some.

      • V4Vendetta14

        Get over yourself. 487 people thought the comment was funny until you interjected. Who cares if the people making comments are banging hot chicks or not. I don't care if they all sit in their parents basement playing COD all day long. I'd rather read an over the top harsh comment from the Chivers, than a self-righteous douchebag like yourself.

    • nato2101

      Isn't Cheryl Cole from Newcastle?

    • dasdw

      cool story bro

  • uber guy

    Chive, I request at least one Susan Coffee photo in the randomness until the internet breaks.

  • lando

    Korean duckface is acceptable —————->

    • tommy

      different culture, different rules. acceptable I think

    • Uh Yah

      Kinda looks like she's about to swallow a load.

      • atomotodd

        looks like a little puckered butthole to me.

        • McBeastie

          So then…..you're aroused by it then……that's what you're saying.

  • Brad

    I'm sorry, there still aren't hotties in New Castle…

    Maybe if you drank a 6 pack of their beer…

    • Razzle

      As someone who has never been to or heard of New Castle, I believe that I am, without a doubt, qualified to say there are no hotties in New Castle, based on a random sampling of pictures of women from said town, inexplicably, matter of factly, period.

  • hamster huey

    correction: there are chubbies in newcastle

    • Tonic

      please google cheryl cole and rethink claiming newcastle girls are ugly

      • GinTonic

        Cheryl Cole is fugly so your argument is invalid.

  • ngomes12

    38 = HUGE FAIL……………LOL

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1211787995 Keith Piscitelli

    plane ticket to Australia ASAP…

    • dean

      iv got a free companion ticket……..

    • Brendan

      you and me both

    • cpt

      save me a spot in your luggage

    • Chiver123

      Don't you mean Newcastle :p

  • Pants

    The koreans actually got something right?

  • SpRoUsA

    #35 Lets see the face…

    • john

      I second the notion

    • Yourfreakindaddy

      Who cares about the face! I would never see it with her head in a pillow!

    • chris

      yeah she could be a butter face permanent duck face and i wouldn't care

      • do it

        try suppertangas . com search anne and lelu…anne too, while youre at it.

        • do it

          oops, meant fenny.

    • Matt

      I'm not sure I want to see it cuase it may ruin the thoughts I have of that beatiful ass.

  • hab

    35 convinced me, I'm moving to Australia tomorrow. best.ass.ever

  • http://www.facebook.com/cougar78 Shawn Forth

    pic 38 women, are complete fail not hot.

  • hot carl

    Did you hop in her ass like a kangaroo?

    • dean

      lol afro man

    • Coldzilla


  • Kawz

    A synonym for flexisexual is, "every girl that attends ASU."

    • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

      Sadly, it wasn't that way when I went to Arizona State.

    • Anonymous

      As of this moment I'm contemplating getting a second bachelor's, from ASU.

    • Floopa Joopa

      This right here. This is the truth. Chive, represent us AZers with an ASU post!

    • Chris

      How about trisexual? They'll try anything sexual.

      • ballsnasty

        shut the fuck up Chris

        fucking douchebag

  • the dude

    28- my kinda girl

    • natecide

      seriously. lets chief

      • 4Lions

        Buffalo Soldier!!!

    • The Dood

      She's not my special lady, she's my f**kin' ladyfriend man… Oh how I'd love to help her conceive….

  • Ian

    Your friend Katy is very hot.

    • nomyia

      Katy's own gallery?

      • Jimmy Jack

        Katy's is self conscious about what? Being so hot?
        Katy gallery = WIN.

    • Shogun

      Katy should be apply for sexy chivettes if she really wants to hear what us chivers have to say. She is dopeness but those pics are setup…i second that more of her is needed.

  • Fionn

    Number 12?….I'm guessing those Irish and Vatican Flags are taken down before you set it alight yeah? If not your some fucking Bigoted Unionist Prickfuck

    • Jim

      Well said! With a name like Paulie, hes got to be a typical scummy Belfast prod

    • Conor

      Tis very racist, the proddy bastards.

      • Anonymous

        Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

    • Gareth

      Absolute cunthead. Looks like a council estate and that dirty Paulie bastard is sponging like fuck no doubt

    • Guz

      Yeah, they take the flags off right after they throw the catholics on.

    • Sean

      Fucking Belfast Cunts, throw them on the fire.

      • simon

        alright people. we're all friends here. lets not be starting fires and killing people.

    • AnyoneforCoffee

      Yep, there's hope for Northern Ireland yet!

      Republic, it's all yours. Take it, for the love of God!

    • AnyoneforCoffee

      Irony not your strong point, eh.

    • Locode


      • LowerCode

        grammar natzi fail

        • will

          grammar nazi double fail. his reply was to the original post which did in fact use your in place of you're

  • guest

    random question. What happened to the last anonymous girl who got her own post? I do not see it on the site anymore? I must have missed something. That is what I get for not checking the site every day.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Noybola Souvinxa Thipphavong

    Newcastle: Fail.

    • Anonymous

      Your post = waste of precious comment space.

  • Bobby Digital

    There has to be some hotties in the Toon. Probability dictates it. These guys are just lame and get no grade a pussy.

  • dajesus

    Good stuff, Chive. So, if I spend my day on the clock and looking at the Chive, it kinda' makes me a paid professional Chiver. I'm gonna' give myself 2 additional life-doesn't-suck points.

  • andy

    anyone have a wrench for Newcastle?

  • Matt LeBlanc

    Dingle Berry; Katy Perry

    • Anonymous

      Lips soft like pillows, taste of cherry,
      Katy Perry is so very… I'd pay to dingle her sweet berry.
      Why oh why did she have to marry?
      My desires, inside I'll have to carry.

    • yum

      More like…eat Katy Perry's Dingle Berry

  • JoeyJojoJr.Shabadoo

    Where the fuck is Newcastle so I can make sure not to pass through there?

    • An Amazed European

      Australia 😉 Mwhahaa

      • GWB

        I can barely read, but even I know Newcastle is in Englandia. He. He.

    • Coocoocuchoo

      Northern England, i was there last night for Carnage which is like a Uni night out and i can safely say that it was packed with fit birds….i know these pics on here dont show though.
      im from a small town so to me it was like a fucking gold mine. i would send some pics in but i dont have permission from the girls so it would be abit wierd

  • Danny P

    Blunt smoking hotties FTMFW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ————————————->>>

    • Yourfreakindaddy

      Why is that hot?

      • IRIEWAY

        Jesus how are people thumbs down on this?
        Smokin a fatty with a hottie…doesn't get much better than that.
        Bunch of damn squares

        • ilikebouncinbooties

          word. thumbed up.

        • Robbie Fowler

          Tbh i prefer sniff more.

        • Ira

          Nothing finer in the world!

      • atomotodd

        because she is hot and smoking weed makes her less likely to be a baguette.

    • Anonymous

      Skip the puff puff and just… PASS.

    • hellyes

      Any hot girl smoking and also knows how to roll, now thats a wife in the making!

    • bluntman

      Smallest blunt I have ever seen to be honest…

  • Long Duck Dong

    #28 not sexy. In two years after a nice run on meth I would like an updated pic please.

    • Big Los

      Gateway drug my ballsack…

    • drea

      its been proven the whole gate-way myth is false btw. I mean ive been smokin bud for about 5-6 years now and have never smoke a chemical substance in my life…..just thought you should know….pot heads hate tweakers…..TWEAKERS SUCK

      • tweaker

        fuck weed, its all about the crack yo!


      Wow man…little dong suck has lost all of my respect. Holy douche alert!
      You have got to be the dumbest SOB on the planet to believe that gateway crap!
      Cheba is the healing of the nation!

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