Daily Afternoon Randomness (38 Photos)

  • joe

    28 is hot

  • nouu

    #24 looks like she is trying to shit.
    #25 cartman lol
    #26 no not acceptable, her mouth looks like a wrinkly asshole.

  • Zach

    so these hotties from Newcastle, where are they????

  • the truth

    no hotties in newcastle.

  • Stempers

    Whats Goldberg doing in #9?

  • Matt

    Korean duckface approved. Please tell them to help American women.

  • Sandwiches1123

    34 tell your friend Katy she is hot.

  • Talia

    When did Frida Khalo come back to life? #6

  • Troy Larsen

    number 24 is so totally sexy and beautiful daisy dukes and fuckin wonderful all the chicks at my highschool in colorado where them during summer and its awesome! (except for them bigger ladies)

  • Whubbsie

    #34 self conscious of what…. being jaw dropingly stunning?

  • putnam120

    28 – douchebagette.

  • SirSparkz

    34 and 35 should team up for an EPIC gallery. Get to work Chivel, NAO!

  • Anybody

    26 is more of a pout (think Hepburn) than a duck-face, hence the appearance of acceptability

  • http://twitter.com/importantcrap @importantcrap

    24 is Jenna Renee. http://www.jennareneefit.com/

    Google her and that pic is in the first row of results. She's absolutely smoking hot…

  • livinginaurora

    #33 I see that guy driving around Lowry sometimes; it makes me super jealous.

  • silliowillio

    I've seen that car in Aurora before, but I would so much rather be in Australia

  • Locode

    Katy the ginger is fantastic.

  • jeffzero

    #22 LOL! The posting of endless hot chick (Not "Newcastle hot") will never go out of style, but there needs to be some funny shit to balance it out. By balance I mean 1:100 Funny:Hot
    Just sayin

  • Libertariandude

    Of what is Katy is self-conscious?? Of being as hot as anyone can be???

  • MrMav

    # 24 is a total babe and the kind of girl i dream of

  • Jpc

    Katy is absolutely stunning. Why in the world would she be self-consious?

  • thisguy

    pssh, you call THAT a blunt? Chick's outta my league though. . .

  • Frito_Pants

    Way to kill my boner again, Newcastle.

  • Anonymous moses

    Korean duck face is acceptable, hot girls smoking blunts are sexy, your friend Katy is extremely attractive

  • HLF

    Jack Daniel's 'son' might want to explain why he has a different name than his father. Yeah it's a common mistake to not notice where the apostrophe is, but you might expect the distiller's direct relative to know his last name was Daniel, not Daniels…

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