More animals I don’t hate (27 Photos)

  • Joel

    This is completely unrelated, but thumbs up for a ‘tush tuesday’!

  • DabA

    FIRST! Viva Mexico!!

    • Peter

      #14 -> Puerto Vallarta

  • JB3

    #4: Good, good…this pleases me.

  • Your name here

    #11 : "Lord, fuck a duck!" My dad says this and never knew really what he meant. Except, for the context when he says it. Which means some crazy ass shit just happened. Now I know he must have saw this on the farm when he was a kid.

    • Phil

      #11 is definitely the best one…

      Ducks are rape proof lol… look it up. It's wiiiierd.

    • iheartboobs

      I've heard that saying before too… and that's what I thought of after seeing that pic.

    • Ken

      "Fuck a duck, change your luck!"

      Dog must be livin' large right now….

  • Martin

    Have you ever been so angry you fucked a duck?

    • Bob in accounting


  • just-sayin'

    #20 owes me a new cup of coffee…Never read chive whilst getting ready for work.

  • Jen

    What exactly is # 2? A cat, or a rabbit?

  • Claire

    I "awwwed". A few are just so cute.

  • kitkat49601

    #2 Looks like a Tribble from Star Trek
    #11 Fuck a duck explained
    #23 Just made me laugh!!

  • The Book of Freak

    #1's the best!

  • Annubis223

    #4 Frog: "and how does that make you feel?"

    • @Floptickle

      Hah! I just uploaded the pic with that text 😛

      • Annubis223

        Awesome lol

  • Lythe

    #17 would scare the shit outta me at 3 AM.

    • Slaine

      would scare the shit out of me anything , perfect hight for the lunge to the throat , next full moon your a werewolf 😀

  • Rob Rodriguez Eduardo Jordan

    chive find me that dog! I wanna know what breed #20 is cause I have a dog the same and its really rare cross. Its the first I have ever seen like my own

  • Shane

    #26 is Sam the koala. After the bushfires in Victoria, Australia in February 209 (178 people killed, literally thousands of homes destroyed), Sam was found near death in a plain of leveled bush, nothing but charcoal around him. Koalas do not drink water, as they get all their moisture from Eucalyptus leaves. In this instance, close to death, Sam drank from a bottle of water offered to him by emergency services. There is another photo of that moment. Sam became a symbol of our ability to survive. He died early this year.

  • joshdyk87

    #3 I remember my first beer

  • gator

    12 made me lol

  • anon

    #4 – Pleased frog is pleased.

  • equalizermax

    #4 – I'm ganna lick yo butt

  • Hez26

    #10 ..herp
    #15 ..derp

  • Why Not?

    17 diet deterrent?.

  • Ellis

    5 is like Stalone from that Cliffhanger movie.

  • ilikebouncinbooties

    I love more animals that I don't hate.

  • Bob

    #17 is terrifying…

  • cpt

    if i walked into the kitchen and saw that dog up on the fridge, i would literally shit a brick, and i dont scare easily..

    and what better way to start the week than a bit of animal on animal beastiality

  • Jay

    Pic 26 is of a Koala after bush fires.i love your site but mayble a little taste sometimes guys

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