Realistically shopping celebs into your amateur photos (6 Photos)

Let’s see your photoshop skills people. Shop your favorite discretely into a random amateur photo and email to thechivesubmit[at]gmail[dot]com or use our handy submit page. Please refrain from sending in shitty shops.

  • tyler

    i just figured out my new christmas card

  • Ellis

    Waw, most impresive.

  • stafferty

    Some of them even look like they have the lighting matched right.

  • mattythegooch

    Celebs shop ME into their photos!!!!

    • dude


      and yes i was seriously laughing

    • Anonymous

      You must be in Soviet Russia, then?

    • TIZ

      do you drink dos equis?

      • Noobz


        Stay thirsty my friend

      • mattythegooch

        I don't always passout on the sidewalk when drinking beer……….

      • Timothy Parrish
  • cornfed

    #3, But who would WANT him at their party?

    • Shiyan

      You are kidding right? I wouldn't let that asshat anywhere near my home.

    • Razzle

      At least you can have a real beer with the guy.

  • Ron

    Man this is old news, saw this elsewhere about a week ago. Chive fail.

    • Dan

      Yeah, a Reddit user submitted these photos, which he claimed to have made himself. Regardless, TheChive rips a whole hell of a lot of pictures from Reddit users, even adding subtitles to the pictures to make it seem like they were given to TheChive in the first place. They are low down and dirty for doing this and not at least giving SOME credit to Reddit.


        Shut up…

        No one cares.

        John and Leo don't claim they shopped the pictures.

        Just enjoy the fucking pictures and shut the fuck up.

  • Annubis223

    I think my friends would disown me if they saw obama at my party

    • Ballzonya

      Since your sister is a bit of a celebrity now, couldn't you just send in a family photo?

    • Danny P

      Leader of the free world, ya, he'd be a boring guest. You're an idiot.

  • Inspi

    I'm not sure what I would shop would be SFW………

  • stafferty

    Lets keep political bullshit out of here. #3 is a decent 'shop. If you want to talk politics, go to just about ANY OTHER WEBSITE.

    • jamie

      AGREED !

      • rcf

        here here

  • The Samurai Cat

    Challenge, accepted!

  • Rick


    • Dilly

      I can’t belevie I’ve been going for years without knowing that.

  • Locode

    who the fuck is #4?

    • Frenchgirl

      Pitt and Aniston?

  • femtrooper

    Hmm, all the celebs I love are video game characters.. I don't think that would be so believable.

  • cepelina


  • uscbadfish

    Read the top headline. "Photoshop realsitc celebrities." Terrible.

  • Brah

    Man, that's cool. I didn't notice Pitt until I looked a second time at #4.

    • Sarah

      LOL – no wai – I thought is was sarah jessica parker at first glance, wasn't interested & scrolled on – nifty…

  • Joel Chan

    This was from Reddit months ago…

    Pathetic, theChive.

    I’m also guessing you’re planning to delete this comment

    • Sarah

      *YAWN* No… a few people will just continue to troll you instead…
      Go naff off elsewhere – some of us only visit the Chive…

  • PTGoBoom

    I've been Chivin' for a while, but this is my first comment. These photos are so funny-good I just had to write in a "HELL YEAH"!

  • jimbo

    I think I could've picked a million other celebs to use besides Obama.

  • Kook

    4 and 6… realistic? methinks not

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