• jason

    Honest to God, the current 18-28 generation are a bunch of idiots who can't think 30 seconds ahead. (my son is one of them). Pray they don't breed anymore than they have to…

    • Luc

      I pray for people like you, who think they are much higher, and never once did anything such as this in their youth.

    • leeroyjenkins

      cool story bro.

    • Rambo

      True of every generation of 18-28's

      • George

        Yep, and somehow we managed to survive! Though it appears many of us sustained massive head injuries that made us forget how stupid we were and then feel compelled to lecture the kids doing stupid things now.

    • asdf

      lulz. You are a 30-40 year old man who follows the chive. if not, your son was an accident

    • Oisín

      well that really backfired on you didn't it jason? and another thing, i know them, they are 14-16 year olds……..BOOM!

  • jay

    snow is a novelty to irish people. We haven't quite figured out the properties of it yet

  • osborl12

    Skip to 0:51.

    • murph

      agreed- that was the most frustrating 50 seconds I've watched.. 3 guys cant move a ball of snow

  • Cog

    And boom goes the dynamite

  • Pete Ribaudo

    did he die?

  • top dog

    I never got the video, so I guess I can't comment on it.

  • dawgsman81

    In Soviet Russia, snow plows you.

    • jonny


    • Conor

      Wow, a Soviet Russian joke i found amusing.

      Bravo good sir, bravo.

      • dawgsman81

        Glad I could be of some sort of entertainment value to you, now back to stripping for the rent.

  • boobalicious

    HAHAHA i know them it happened in skerries, dublin hahaha WFT

  • Pooper

    Everyone say's something about how dumb 18-28 year old's are. Guess what you raised the idiots. So who is really dumb?

  • Conor

    This happened in Skeries? Ugh, you'd recognise the accents from a mile off.
    And yeh, all this generations youth is to see people get hurt, and tbh, im no different 😀

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  • Jason

    Can we just do away with the ads before even video? F**K!

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