A little “Awesome” to get you through your midweek crisis (27 Photos)

  • Bob

    27's ass is heavenly

  • Denis

    That is the best butt/outfit I have seen in months, kudos to whoever is hitting that!

  • Dave




  • Pax

    #10 Reminds me of one of my cousins. Not a handsome man by any stretch and he married a woman even more…unattractive than the one we see.

    I've always respected him for marrying her. He actually see's that "inner beauty" that people prattle on about.

  • jlittle44

    That is a damned good price on ass.

  • Don113

    #26 looks stupid. What use is a controller that might end up with you stabbing yourself?

  • Padgo

    MOAR 27!!

  • RMD

    #27, #27, #27, #27, #27, #27, #27 I need more of #27!!!!!

  • jim

    #27…….FIND HER!

  • fibonaccci5150

    #20 made me cry 😦

    #27 made me accept his fate and move on

  • what is 2

    What is number 2 from originally?

    • mahagowitz

      Princess Bride, but I can't make out what he is thinking

  • Anonymous

    best ending photo ever

  • ryan

    27 best ending ever MOAR!!!!

  • daveabrams

    finger or dick on the bottle left corner?

  • Capt. Monterey Jack

    #13 FTW

  • daveabrams

    of 6 btw my bad

  • Catence

    #14 – ain't that the truth!

  • minge munching mary

    27 = good, 26 = loser, why even post that?

  • phideuaxe

    get tineye you retards. #27 is Catherine Deeeee

  • Maynard B

    27- Thank you #27, you're ass is exquisite.
    #9- Are we to believe those are your kids? Why can't all women have your genetics?

  • Palio Loumpina

    #27 Ammmmaaazing….!!!!

  • Anonymous

    pic 27, oh sweet jesus.

  • Jake

    #18 must be some sort of Weapons of Mass Distraction…

  • heii

    #24 == epic

  • buster nut

    #27 I could sit and stare at that all day

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