Daily Afternoon Randomness (43 Photos)

  • Monkey

    I'm a Dj ..Almeria , Spain. i´ve met more than 100 girls this summer from newcastle , london , manchester . Sorry to say this but they are beautiful with a lot of makeup #37 or when you're fckin drunk. 🙂 Chive On!

  • John

    #36 Your mates from newcastle are still a bunch of mingers.

    Posting their pics on the chive and calling them "jewels" will not get you in their pants. You could at least have stolen pics of good looking girls and call them your friends instead.

  • Spencer

    #6 is epic!

  • Toga

    Erm, I think you should watch this before you think about goin for a Newcastle lass.

    • Toga
  • Rafiki

    Find moar of #6 please and thank you.

  • Fruitloop Ringtoss

    The guys in the #26 are totally going to makeout with each other after their mom picks them up from the mall.

  • anon

    #18 Hayley is hawt. nuff said.

  • Jhawk

    #13 lip biting rules.

  • Ken

    #40 Can her fingers really be that long?

  • Holland

    Hayley just wishes she was a true ginger. But still, Red heads are hot!!!

  • tina

    #22 .. i live right down the street and must agree to this post!

  • Legion

    #36 Is she drinking that beer with a straw?

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