Daily Afternoon Randomness: WWII in High-Res (29 HQ Photos)

theBRIGADE wants to show off your pictures from service
Submit your Photos here

theBRIGADE wants to show off your pictures from service
Submit your Photos here

  • http://www.vitalguitar.com BBAmp

    #29 is truly magnificent.

  • deebs

    #27 – that kid looks like he is 17 years old. Those were real men, not the fat video game culture we have now

    • who knew

      If he is 17 then just barely.
      Hope he made it and is still enjoying his great grand kids now.

      • deebd


    • northerner

      Amen, deebs…

  • Chirs

    Look at those fresh, young faces in #27. How could one ever thank or repay them for their service, bravery and sacrifices?

    • dkbales

      We can never repay them since they didn't do it for money. We can never thank them enough since they didn't do it for praise. We can only hope that we raise a new generation that they would be proud of since most of them did it for their children's grandchildren.

  • skipper dee

    fail on #21. that is an m-48 patton tank. they were not around until the korean war.

  • Robocarnage

    yo, no canadian or british love on the brigade? what gives!?

    • kent

      Probably because Canadians and Brits did approximately jacksquat in the Pacific War.

      The US took on the Japanese almost single-handedly. While we doing more than the Brits in their own backyard, we were fighting one of the Axis powers (arguably the most powerful one in terms of air and sea power) basically by ourselves… on the other side of the planet. The US was the only country to fight a WORLD WAR. The Japanese didn't even consider any one else a threat. They steam rolled the Australians and Brits before the US entered the fray.

      • Pal

        Oh lol, where the hell did you learned about world war 2? Action movies?
        Also read out loud your sentence "The US was the only country to fight a WORLD War". Don't you spot something ridiculous in this?

      • seawolf

        What about Burma, Papua New Guinea and Thailand, mostly fought by British, Australian and Indian troops. Not much US involvement there. You took the Pacific, but we also were involved in the Far East but more Indian Ocean etc.

      • Moose77

        you are a moron… World war 2 began in 1939 and America did not enter the war until 1941. which means Brittan and her Commonwealth were fighting in WW2 more than 2 years before America decided to show up. For you to say that they did jacksquat in WW2 makes you a complete fool, i feel sorry for you.

        • cr2142

          And France
          But yeah, It wasn't just the American's
          I think the politic's side of the war started in 1937
          But America did have have the toughest part because the country was involved in pretty much every theatre of the war including, The pacific, Italy and France but ALOT of country's fought by them like Britain, France, Russia and many more.

      • Thomas

        the Brits were fighting over two years in both the European and far eastern area before you guys came in, like the first ww1, the Brits started in 1914, not like America, arrived in England June,July, 1917, then into the European war in August, were on their way home in 1918, crowing, they won the war, yeah, right, the Brits are only a small country, but they have fought all over the world, they have lost, they have won most, they have fought bigger odds, and won, and they are the best allies and most reliable ally the US has ever had, and still have, and you appear to be a right bullshitter, they have stood by you and still do in the Middle east, wake up pall, you are a big country, and have been able to have the best weapons, and be the best armed soldier in the world, give the Brits those same weapons, and they would surprise the hell out of you, its easy to to put people down, nobody,including you, is perfect,they were also with you all the way in Korea, your a great country, and I know many of your older soldiers who arrived in Kuwait at the start of the war in Iraq, were not only surprised and real glad to see their aircraft on the dockside on ramps, some even wrote to their newspapers saying how glad they were at seeing their old comrades were with them again, genuine military men don't put each other down, they know how hard war can be, so lets just appreciate each other as true allies, history has proved, no country on its own wins.

    • Flippy

      23 is British, unless the Americans were wearing berets….

    • Jeff

      Christ people. Millions of great men and women gave their lives from countless countries. Who gives a shit what country they came from. Enormous feats were undertaken by all of them. Show some damn respect and quit your pointless bitching over the internet

  • tag

    WW2 has some of the baddest weapons of all time! The bombers, the battleships…

  • silkystealthsurgeon

    i remember seeing the memphis belle [24] at RAF Duxford last year! this gallery is absolutely awesome

    • Seawolf

      What you call the Memphis Belle is actually the Sally-B dressed up for her role as the Memphis Belle in the movie of the same name. The checkers on the right inboard engine are the big giveaway. I've been in her and she's a lovely aircraft.

    • yusagi

      It sat around here in Memphis for the longest time. They aren't as big up close as I'd imagined…

  • Masschine

    #24 – The B-17 is an awesome plane but it's the wrong model to be flying the Belle's colors. That's a B-17G with a chin turret. The Bell was an E model without one.
    #8 – Looks like a shot I took of Yankee Lady. Never posted it though but what a deja view moment.
    If you ever get the chance to see these planes up close it can be amazing at how small a big bomber was then. And the pilots and crew flew at high altitude with nothing but oxygen bottles and layers of clothes to keep them warm for hours on end. So if you get the chance to meet one of them thank them before they all pass from this plain.

    • northerner

      If any of you do get the chance to see one up close at a fly-in near you, take advantage of it. Pay them whatever extra they ask and climb up into the aircraft and slowly walk the narrow walkway back through to the tail. Pause and look how small each section is and use your imagination and picture yourself on a mission during WWII, some lasting 20 hours or more at temps in the single digits or lower without any real cold weather protection. They did that for US. Many didn't come back. If you can get inside one and pause and think…it will change you. There's only a dozen or fewer of those 17s flying and it's horrendously expensive to preserve those flying pieces of history.

  • Capt. Monterey Jack

    That's the Memphis Belle that they used for the 1990 movie.

    • northerner

      If I remember correctly, the real Memphis Belle was on display for years in Memphis but only in an outdoor pavilion. The city couldn't afford an enclosed protective building. A couple of years ago, the Air Force, who retains ownership to all its aircraft, as do most all of the branches, demanded Memphis surrender the aircraft because it wasn't being properly maintained. The Air Force Museum in Dayton took possession of it and it is in storage there awaiting or undergoing restoration. The Memphis Belle website has the particulars in its archives, or it did.

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  • Brit

    Poor Americans, fighting that war all by themselves…

  • Nikbear

    #27 is such a moving piccy,I hope those boys made it home,sure some didn't,but I'd like to think most of them did.Nearly everyone gave something,some gave everything,never forget……

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