Let’s have ourselves a pizza flame war, shall we? (6 Photos)

So I guess a fight erupted in the comments yesterday over who had the best slice in the world. I haven't seen it but all three parties involved emailed me last night to state their case. So I thought we'd leave it to our Chivers to decide this. I have eaten at Lou Malnati's a few times and I think it's something special. But is it the BEST? Possibly...

  • Masschine

    Brooklyn Pizza in Hackensack or Edgewater New Jersey.

  • Locode

    fuck all of you. now I need pizza.

  • Kevin

    Hey I'm up in Canada there's a small chain called Famoso Neopolitan Pizzeria. They import all of their ingredients from Italy, import their ovens from Italy, and train their managers and owners in Naples. They've got the best that I've ever had. Best of all, It's thin crust, cooked at 900 degrees. It's done in 90 seconds, which means I have my pizza in my hands in roughly 3 minutes when it's busy. Definitely worth checking out if there's one near you!

  • Lloyd Dobler

    Feraro's Jersey Style Pizza in St. Louis, MO is some of the best pizza I've ever had. Even better than pizza in Jersey…and I should know, I lived there for most of my life.

  • cpt

    my local house of pizza!
    second place goes to little caesers
    third place is def upper crust, bitches love upper crust, and you really dont get better pizza than boston pizza

  • asdasda

    pepes new haven ct

  • berky93

    Lou Malnati's has freaking amazing crust.

    -Alex, Highland Park.

  • SJay

    The BEST slice of pizza…….is a free slice of pizza.

  • Cudaman

    Blondies Pizza in Berkley CA! Best place to take your munchy attack to!

  • neko

    Pizzeria PLIMA, Gornja Bistra

  • HM3(FMF)Brown

    Being the Navy I've done a fair amount of traveling. Ive been to New York, Chicago, Afghanistan and Now im in Naples, Italy, and I gotta the Italians the credit!! By far the BEST pizza. Naples is where pizza was first created, btw!

  • poop

    hey chive masa pizza in la (echo park) was started by a few guys from Lou Malnati's. yous should check it out. best slice of chicago style pizza this side of the rocky's

  • Justin

    #5 & #6, I'm always in Boston and every time I've gone there so far, the slices have been huge and amazing



  • Kelly

    Let's just be honest. Everything New York blows when compared to Chicago.

  • Cathryn

    LOL where to begin, the women send in pictures of theevelsms. Do you actually have any evidence of us, “gross pedo men,” actually “stalking” a woman? As for no black girls, well maybe they aren’t sending in any? Maybe they don’t make the cut haha. Rage more niglettt

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