Powerful photos of Pearl Harbor (13 Photos)

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  • Lance


    • Royce

      Hundreds of people died, and thousands were injured, and you worry about being first.

  • meh


  • Jack

    Wow! And imagine if our goverment had deliberatly provoked tne Japanese, and knowingly allowed the attacks on Pearl Harbour to happen, so that our massive industrial war complex had a reason to enter world war 2 and profit from it. No that's just crazy talk,our Goverment would never allow an attack on our home to jusify a war for profit.

    • kent

      I don't think our government, or any other for that matter, is above doing something like that. But almost everyone who has actually studied what happened prior to Pearl Harbor comes to the same conclusion. The government did not expect it to happen. Pearl Harbor was allowed to happen because of stupidity, gullibility, and complacency… not strategic thinking or willfulness.

      The US did not provoke Japan, the US reacted to Japanese provocations. Japan was invading and laying waste to the entire Asia Pacific region, invading our allies and raping and murdering in every country they stepped foot in. Our initial response was not a provocation compared to that. Our response to Japan trying to take over the world was…. no longer selling them our oil. Yet we were still in peace negotiations with them. Their actions were a little bit more provocative than ours.

      You have a very myopic view of this as clearly demonstrated by the fact you think that allowing our entire Pacific fleet almost to be destroyed was the only way we could find an excuse to enter the war. Even if we were prepared for Pearl Harbor, the Japanese were still attacking us, we would have had clear justification to authorize war, whether their attack was successful or not.

      Same thing with 9/11. We wouldn't NEED to destroy gigantic buildings and kill thousands of people to have a pretext for war. Why not 500 people, in a less economically important place? Something that could maximize anger (like say… terrorists taking American hostages and beheading them) but still result in less deaths and less destruction? Why would the government cause something like 9/11 which hurt our economy and killed thousands of innocents, when something smaller would easily have sufficed?

      I have a hard time taking people like you seriously anymore, because you get trapped in these weird patterns of paranoia and malformed logic that most objective people wouldn't get trapped in.

      • http://redvent.net Jasboh

        Google Operation Northwood.

        The economic benefits from 9/11 far out weigh the damage, your projecting your humanity onto these people. if they are willing to risk any human life, they would have to guarantee a reaction, destroying something as iconic as the WTC.

        I dont know much about the attack on Pearl Harbor but i agree, id find it hard to believe they would destroy their own ships and damage that strategic harbor at such a critical time in the war.

      • Jack

        Your probably right that it was complacency and not willfulness. Yet I wonder about the fact that we were against entering the War before(with estimates of 95% opposed) but we were united after this attack. It's not unkown in Military history to provoke your enemy to strike first (to generate unconditional home support). Re; why we would sacrafice so much of the fleet I sugest two reasons. (a) when you provoke an enemy you don't control how they will react, they may have struck sooner then expected or with greater strenght. Alternatively the attack may have needed to be big to be beyond questioning. As Gobbels said "Tell a big enough lie and they have to believe you" .There were benifits to enter the war. It's not paranoid to believe that Goverments sometimes make sacrafices for the greater good nor is it myopic to sugest that there may be another explanation of history, quite the contrary. Pearl Harbour is an American tradegy either way you look at it. Thanks for the debate. You could've just called be a nut job but you took the time to explain why you think I'm a nut job and that's commendable. I suspect your right but i still believe the alternative is possible.

        • Poopslikelittlebunny

          very interesting points of view guys/gals. I liked that

  • Frito_Pants

    These pictures don't look like they were taken with the same camera. I also doubt that someone would take all of these pictures, and then not get them developed and sell them at any point during the last 70 years. I guess they forgot Pearl Harbor happened. I call BS

    • Mark

      I call your mom BS

  • Bob

    Those who make our weapons are like those who make our cigerettes. In order for them to be in bussiness; people need to die. The war may have cost the American tax payer money but it must also have lined the pockets of others. I don't Jack is using malformed logic. The theory that a goverment might provoke a first strike makes sense to me now. I never really thought of it as a military strategy before.

  • Phondo

    Wow, that guy was good! So many different scenes and angles! So many events caught at just the right moment! And all on one roll of film!

  • DaddyD

    These pictures are from the US Navy Archives. They are real, but they didn’t come from a long lost camera.

  • Jeffroe

    Some of these comments prove that while we might have whupped the Japanese and the Germans in 1945, ignorance and stupidity still win out at times in 21st century America. Virtually, if not literally, every conspiracy theory about both Pearl Harbor and 9/11 being perpetrated and/or encouraged by and/or knowingly, willingly, provoked by the U.S. gov't have been debunked by respected scholars scientists and other experts in their respective fields you asstards.

  • Jeff

    Right or wrong, FDR was of the mindset that the U.S. needed to be involved in the war in Europe. The American public was strongly against it (back then, the American citizen's opinion mattered). One of his advisors, Arthur McCollum, devised an eight step plan that (theoretically) would force Japan's hand and cause them to declare war on America, thus bringing us into WWII. This plan, when viewed in hindsight, was followed almost to the letter. Also, the likleyhood that NO, ZERO, NOT ONE carrier was berthed in Pearl at the time of the attack is so remote it is inexplicable.

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