• Charlie Makarov

    this is the kind of stuff you find on dorkly.. thumbs down

  • Charlie Makarov

    What did Ryu say when Guile asked to borrow his lawnmower?

    Sure You Can!

    • gaz

      It's "here you go Ken" say it fast

  • googboog

    none of them were remotely funny except for 10. which was remotely funny.

  • Spivias

    i like street fighter
    but this is kinda stupid

  • Anonymous

    Good god, this has some great potential!

    Too bad the punchline here is so frikkin’ STUPID…

  • Mitch

    stolen from dorkly. literally minutes after it was posted there.

  • hoernchen

    have you guys noticed, they did not put the chive watermark and had a link to dorkly at the bottom?

  • Jarrod Pattavina

    I rather enjoyed it

  • ssf

    So unfunny it made me angry. Hulk hate Chive-boobs+stuff from Dorkly.

  • FLHomesteader

    You know what find sad…
    People that have to comment on where The Chive's post comes from.

    Real Chivers don't give a damn where it came from, we care that it's here and we like it.

    That is all….

    • Anonymous

      It does not speak for all of Chive. It puts the lotion on the skin or they'll re-post again.

  • Semper

    I laughed not once, not twice, but zero times

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