Subway Sardines! Why don’t Asians value personal space?

If you are of Chinese, Japanese, Korean -Asian, please sound off in the comments as to why Asians don't respect public personal space. Domo - Arigato. Xie Xie. 감사합니다

This series is called “Tokyo Compression” by Michael Wolf. Check his book and order it HERE

  • equalizermax

    As long as no ones going to FART then I'm good……. Stop touching my private part…….. Pervert Gay!

  • straighttalker

    Well, you are what you eat. Just look at the post from a couple days ago regarding the insects/bugs they eat…..

  • Cpt. Haddock

    I can't speak to other Asian countries, but presumably you know that the Japanese have one of the best public transport systems out there. These pictures depict rush hour and much of the rest of time, or anywhere outside Tokyo, this kind of overcrowding (or any) is not a problem.
    More to the point, what you've done is like a Chinese (whatever your job title is) posting a bunch of pictures of white people sitting in traffic and asking why they like sitting in traffic: the question is disingenuous, because you'd have to be thick to assume anyone likes being squeezed in a train or sitting in traffic. People tolerate unpleasant things because they are familiar with it and know it is the best/only option.
    That said, if you know a way to transport millions of people to their jobs at the same time in a certain area without any traffic or crowding then open a Swiss bank account.

  • chilean guy

    Here in Chile, the subway is just as bad, if not worse. And now the drivers are on strike. Oh, and It's summer now. Picture THAT shit.

  • Da Sandman

    americans and their homophobic issues…

  • Cin Prime

    I'm fairly confident #9 is dead

  • Karl

    Looks like the #4 Train in NYC at rush hour.

    • Matthew

      I was desperately reading through the comments looking for someone to mention NYC. I've seen exactly this same situation on the E as well. Although NYC doesn't hire professional crammers.

  • ricky grassley

    its the same way here in japan.. everyone on the train seems to fall asleep in any position and some how wake up right intime for their stop… it's quite remarkable!

  • Locode

    frotter's paradise.

  • cpt

    not much different from the subway leaving the garden after a bruins game, packed like a sardine

    and stop crying racism around every corner, its a fair question, though europeans can be the same way depending on which country youre in, they get in your face

  • greg

    i'll state the obvious: they don't have a choice… Wanna be on time at work? Living in suburbs? Well, welcome to subway hell

  • v4vendetta

    They have fish/cabbage farts. Way worse…




  • Mayank Vasandani

    I am from Delhi, India. I roam around the world as that is my job. I have seen Chinese system, Japanese system, London Sub, and San fransisco and New york sub. But i was impressed with japanese and Indian. Japanese for their efficiency and cleanliness and indian for their cleanliness and speed of work. i cant say that for American and British systems. They might be on time but they are not clean and user friendly.
    While whatever resources asian countries have they put it to good use. other big nations have more resources but they dont clean up their subway system. During rush hour this might be the case with japanese system. But rest of the time. it runs with almost no traffic. And try and drive thru Tokyo streets. You would know what I am saying then. And if you see Delhi System. they have created that more than 200 Km tracks (above and below the ground) in 8 years. before this in 2002 we used to see traffic snarls. Where ever you go, traffic used to be like hell. One could never reach anywhere on time. After sub system. traffic on roads have reduced by 45%. So I would say hats off to delhi.

    P.S. – if there are any questions. Ask me.

  • shalala

    Actually, at least Seoul subways used to be rather peaceful and full of space. Only during the time when people left for work, it was slightly crowded but nothing too bad. I've seen worse subways in Europe.


    Not everyone can afford a car, nor is there really a use for a car when you have to sit in traffic in major cities. Americans dont mind taking over an hour to get home while going 10MPH. Yeah, great an investment a car is.

  • Andrew

    I've been on one of these trains before and I think they want their personal space, it's just that they all need to get to work on time and if they wait then they'll be late, and in Japan if you're not there 10 minutes early you're late. It's so crowded over there that personal space is respected to the best of their abilities but you gotta do what you gotta do. I thought this too when I first got on the train, like "what the hell add some extra cars" but it's the fact that the platforms are only so long.

  • Anonymous

    Cause there are some many of the fuckers living in those citys. Hence the one child per family law!!

  • mike

    moonlanding it is.

  • tonyp

    No need to go to Asia.

    Paris' subway is the same at ~8:30-9h AM on a few lines.

  • Anonymous

    …and the weird subway fetish begins

  • Chingchongchina

    I wish my chinese city had a subway

  • Phred

    Unfortunately they don't value condoms or birth control. Take it down a notch.

  • Spivias

    lol when i was in china
    in those train i always try to get rly close to some hot ass
    and then use my imagination to take off both our cloth and have some fun

  • Jim Kay

    Personal space isn't something that people do or do not value. Interpersonal distance is culturally determined.

    Mainly the problem here is that the original posting is by an ignorant idiot. The question itself contains false premises and is unanswerable.

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