Subway Sardines! Why don’t Asians value personal space?

If you are of Chinese, Japanese, Korean -Asian, please sound off in the comments as to why Asians don't respect public personal space. Domo - Arigato. Xie Xie. 감사합니다

This series is called “Tokyo Compression” by Michael Wolf. Check his book and order it HERE

  • Sugreev2001

    I'd include South Asians to that list too.Indians,Pakis etc. don't know shit about personal space.They're conditioned to be nosy.

  • Daily

    For those stupid people who not travel much.

    It's Tokyo. The most expensive place in the world.

    Want more space? Who do you think you are? Mark Zuckerberg ?

  • Nate

    Maybe they do value space, just different than you. They value it so much they don’t want to waste it 🙂

  • Dane Wolfgang

    #6 is the reason there are gropings on Japanese subways

  • 建築空間による統治とパーソナルスペースと情報化 | sachiotomita
  • mark

    It's an honest question. Whether or not someone was socialized to be accustomed to giving up personal space on public transit in exchange for convenience does not explain a lot of things. For instance, when asians leave those highly populated areas in their respective countries to other parts of the world where space isn't a giant problem, they still cram into your shit on the subway unnecessarily, crash into your car, bump into you on the street while walking among other things. So get over yourself, stop saying it's racism and try fucking coming up with some kind of explanation. I've been watching it happen for years and I have NO FUCKING IDEA.

    • Nana

      Old habits die hard sometimes. Just sayin’.

  • taek lu

    Cotomate genki genki genki

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