Terrifying apparitions invading our photos (25 Photos)

Sorry, this is a bit creepier than our usual content. So if you’re at all anxiety prone (like my girlfriend), maybe this one isn’t for you.

I admit some (or all) may be photoshopped for all I know. But still, I was sufficiently creeped out.

  • casper

    22: Fashion Ghost does not approve of teh daggy sox.

  • rareydotcom

    Genuine Fake!! wtf

  • Keith

    #1-25: Fake, end of story.

    • blastedplanet

      All fake. Intentional or not. In the digital age all photos, videos etc, must first be considered fake.

  • Ben

    Always enjoyed this kind of stuff. But different from normal Chive. What brought this on?

  • Arghh

    these look shopped.

    I can tell from some of the pixels and from having seen quite a few shops in my time!

  • HLF

    Most are pretty damn fake looking and a couple are basically just photobombs of a random person in the background. Very frightening.

  • Annoying-Douchequeef

    FIRST i would like to say, well…. FIRST…

    I'm problably not going to see this comment section again, so all the thumbs down and replys are absolutely futile…
    It delights me, that more than likely, some of you won't be able to resist the urge to neg me or reply.
    — So if you reply or neg me, i WIN, and i know you will… And if you don't,
    it would be the FIRST "first" (pun intended) comment, where ppl didn't neg or reply to it, far as i know, so thats another WIN…
    And if by some miracle i get thumbs up, well…. WIN again..

    Only a wizard admin can slay me.

    • Keith

      Wish you could explain how you are first when you reply 55 minutes late.. Loser.

      • Gold Medal

        I still don't get how first is at all important. Or good. Can someone explain to me why?

        • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

          it's a "lets see who has the biggest non-life" and the person who gets the "first" spot wins. unfortunately this guy is a moron and royally failed at being "first". so he a loser for missing it and for trying to get it

          • Annoying-Douchequeef

            You just replied to a "lets see who has the biggest non-life", that says more about you than me? (insert clever remark here)

            Btw, has it ocurred to you, that i'm not trying to "be the first one", actually i couldn't care less ?
            I just made that comment with the idea that, as soon as ppl would stop replying or negging, i would stop writing it.

            I was wrong on one thing though, i came back and saw the replies and thumbs down, you guys are in the void of my ass right now, stinks don't it? (insert gay pun here)

            So if you want me to stop, then stop replying, i'm trying to teach you something here. That's were im failing though. 😛

            • Your Mother

              In all reality there is no "void" of your or any ass. If you are referring to the rectal fossa then you are wrong because that space is filled with fat, nerves and vessels supplying that area. If you are implying that people are in the "void" of your rectal cavity then again you are wrong because that area is only an anatomical dead space that is never really void, unless there is a small amount of space that results from fecal material entering the cavity and not completely filling it up.

              Either way, there really is not "void" of your ass.

            • Sir Lord Toaster Jr.

              What ever happened to…
              "I'm problably not going to see this comment section again, so all the thumbs down and replys are absolutely futile…"?
              I guess you're a liar. I just wanted to say you picked a good name for your comment… Made me chuckle a little.
              That is all.

              • Annoying-Douchequeef

                Yay. I am lying all of the time, it is a sign of creativity and a bad case of douchebaggery.

                Still pretty futile though, even my own comments are just that, this is the internet, some ppl take it waaay to seriously.

                And even though it didn't land at the right place, i even got Your mother to come up with a "clever" remark..
                I really think its funny how few can resist a luring cumtroll 😛

                • JstevensF

                  Hmmm where's my Troll Spray?

                • ronnie

                  You made an ass of yourself writing all that shit, thinking you were first, and you know it.

                  • Annoying-Douchequeef


                • mk3stargazer

                  Joe, is that you?

                  • Joe


                • 9pickle7

                  If you don't reply you're gay

                • Your Mother

                  I didn't make a clever remark, I simply commented on your misunderstanding of the urogenital and rectal regions of your body. I am not sure how you came to the conclusion that my comment was "clever", but I can assure you that my comment was only made with your best intentions (in regards to your understanding human anatomy) in mind.

                  Thank you,

            • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

              actually i do have a life. i look at chive while i get ready for work in the morning. and don't try and say you were doing this to get people to comment on your post. because 1 we all know that's a lie and 2 that's just really pathetic and the fact that you came back after you said you wouldn't is even more pathetic. sooooo congratulations you suck at life

              • Annoying-Douchequeef

                Hehe, how do you know it's a lie?? Are u a Wizard?

                And i said i problably(!) wouldn't come back..

                And i am sure you have a nice life, so do i. And i wish you the best, sir.

                • sock_puppet

                  "So if you want me to stop, then stop replying, i'm trying to teach you something here."

                  You don't have the intelligence or the vocabulary to teach anyone about anything.

                • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

                  i stand by the fact you that you suck at life

                • mk3stargazer

                  Joe, would you please limit your mindless trolling to youtube plane crash videos and not spread your nonsense to the chive.

  • Me.

    Keith>> Ignore that, he's just trolling 😉

  • Griskaill

    Seems like #4 and #10 is haunted by the same ghost…

    • Poopslikelittlebunny

      maybe they're brothers/sisters

    • johnny

      haunted by the same photoshopper*

      • YEAH GHOSTS!

        Maybe its the ghost of the uni-photo-bomber!

        • supimpa

          Or maybe this ghost has 2 jobs

    • Tori

      There both fake! I went on a website and it said "Edit this ghost girl!" and blah blah blah. A majority of these photos are fake. Sorry, kiddo.

  • Caroline

    how come all the Asian ghosts look like the Grudge?

    • Poopslikelittlebunny

      i knew i wasn't the only one that noticed that

    • CaptainWow

      They are called "onryo" and represent the ghost of a young woman who was wronged in life by a man, and comes back for vengeance.

      • http://www.facebook.com/pcribaudo Pete Ribaudo

        farrah fawcett?

  • P.J. Fry

    "Get her", that was the plan…

    • CaptainWow

      So. Where are you from? Originally….

      Ghostbusters, can't beat it.

    • hsimpson

      "yes, it's true……this man has no dick".

      i laughed my ass off when i read your comment!

  • BigD-UK-

    #22 is the camera strap!!

    it make an easy halloween costume.

  • Benjiman

    A lot of the pictures are taken with a long shuttertime and if you run across the camera while the picture is taken you get a ghostlike image

  • jason

    My droid phone has an app that can insert ghostly images into the picture. Most of the photos I've tried are better than many of these…
    Once upon a time, ghostly images might make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, but anymore…
    not impressive.

  • Dylan

    Lol, most, if not all of these are fake. Shitty photoshops FTMFW. At least be more creative than smudging and inserting renders of the girl from The Ring.

  • mipo2010

    Why is it that there are never any hot ghosts??

    • simon

      I'm feeling a "ghosts with previous lower back problems, until they died" thread

  • Sugreev2001

    Supa-mega fake,you can find better ghost pics just searching on Google.Do better next time,great idea for a weekly section.

  • Phondo

    This is so bad, I'm starting to wonder if Bob posted it just so he could say he has a "girlfriend."

  • Tyler

    These may be fake, but i wont say ghosts are fake. after working at a very active locale and living in a house built over an indian burial groun…you can definitely say i believe in them now. 🙂

  • Zombie

    This was only creepy due to the fact that I was listening to Lusmord's Heresy album when I loaded the page. It added ambiance.

  • johnny

    screw ghosts. i want boobies! naturals too

  • gozer

    ugh. Why do you post the obvious fake shit?

  • osborl12

    Ghost photobombs, awesome.

  • Blizzard

    How come most of the asian ghosts look like the girl from the Grudge?

    • McLovin' It

      exactly what I thought. that bitch photobombs like no other… spirit bomb

  • nepster

    Well OBVIOUSLY…we have a rapist in Lincoln Park.

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