What am I lookin’ at here? (6 Photos)

-Hey Frank, what are you up to today?
-Oh not much, just spending the next 8 hours shoveling my car out of a cold, dark hell. Should be wicked. Now leave me alone.

  • Optimus Subprime

    Is that Miami? So cold my damn heat kicked on last night! Brutal down here.

  • yeahyeah

    so, after shoveling out their car, what do you do with it, doesnt appear to be anywhere to dive to DERP

  • top dog

    Question: What am I lookin' at here?
    Answer : Snow, lots and lots of fuckin snow.

  • Why Not?

    i live in new york. winter SUCKS!!

    • top dog

      Hey, you're super man, don't worry about it.

      • Why Not?

        not super enough. i hate winter

  • BloodScrubber

    Spend eight hours digging out, then unable to go anywhere. Pfffttt.
    And then probably a bigassed snowplow come by and buries it again. No thanks.

  • Lisa_Martin

    Frank should have said "Fuck this, I'm getting on my snowmobile and heading south for the winter. Sandy beaches, girls in bikinis & drinks with rum…here I come."

  • Josh

    Wish it would snow like that here in California. I would love to watch people freak out, try drive and generally deal with it. LOL!

  • Locode

    Clearly they have to go out because the best pizza in the world place that just happens to be nearby doesn't deliver.

  • Rob

    That's exactly why I live in Arizona!

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