• nepster

    Yeah,yeah, that's cute and all Chive, but where's the ass/thong gallery?

    • Rick

      Thass gallery?

  • BongPimper

    albino dreadlock rasta?

  • PuckBunny16

    It's a Komondor!

  • like


  • Dakota

    girl's best friend. cause he looks like a mop. hehe.

    • Benjamin Dennison

      I spy two of mans breasts friends…

      • kitkat49601

        Or to put it a better way…A "chick magnet"

  • Rich

    ya thats a puli! a hungarian poodle…

  • mattythegooch

    See cover of Beck's "Odelay" album.

    • Shoestring

      Or Bush Sixteen Stone.

  • Debasteitor


  • top dog

    When I first saw it I thought it was a mop, then it grew legs, four of em. It's still a ugly little cuss, a face only a mother could love.

  • Onlunch

    umm…. what does this have to do with Ladies and their sexy little bodies?

    • fibonaccci5150

      it attracts them to you in parks and on walks so you can bang them

  • Lau

    Its a tribble!!! We are all doomed.

  • Reed

    It's a Portuguese Water Dog with Dreads.

  • Jono6string

    Its just cruel! my dog could grow fur like that but would be a miserable little dude!

  • skull head

    It is a Puli (small) or Komondor (larger) from Hungary. They are a hearding breed and the "cords" protect them from the elements.
    the dog expert

  • PHX

    I think it's an albino Puli, not a Komondor. They are commolny black, I've never seen a white one. And it's definitely not a poodle…

    the hungarian


  • Kyle Retrato


  • Diana Santos

    awwwwwwwww ❤

  • Joel


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