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  • Yo Adrian

    #11 for the win

    • Roscoe

      Have mercy, that woman is gorgeous!

    • Turn it up to

      11 is She became famous on the interwebs this week because she had a Skype affair with one half of Brandon/Rachel from this past season of Big Brother…

      • nudity and fluids

        your a douche for knowing that

        • Raven

          you're a douche for not knowing that "your" indicates possession. As in, your job at McDonald's.

    • GTO

      After a little research, turns out this chick is a total quack. still hot though…

  • GCR420

    #17 Could def be my future wife lol

    • MarcoChan

      She looks like an effing B, but I'd love to hatefuck her.

  • Lisa_Martin

    I'm not going to do the # & 4 thing together because I can't be responsible for posting that duck face again. Please ladies. Just stop it. #six…stop it too. Sheesh.

    • just-sayin'

      awhh, but now we have to scroll up to laugh at the duckies😦

    • Guest edit

      you saw the face?

  • fortnight

    i want to photoshop #11 so bad

    • Keith

      Don't do it! she's perfect just the way she is.

    • GTO

      Hey Chive,

      If you can find her, and she is legal…MOAR!

  • ISU Birds

    #21 I want MOAR…………MOAR #21

    • Erik von Markovik

      Go Redbirds!

      • mcctan24

        I hear that, shes smoking hott

      • Conrad

        maybe make the god damned ncaa tourney a year and I'll salute your "go redbirds"

  • g unit

    #10, i fell in love, thrice.

    • Conrad

      a word so nice, you use it thrice.

  • tommybhoy

    I hope she is legal with the amount of naughty thoughts I just had

  • Gazza

    looked at #10 and lots of naughty thoughts entered my mind (sigh)….

    • Erik von Markovik

      For some reason my immediate thought was how I am going to be able to grow two more dicks…Im not one for sharing.

  • mike

    WOW!❤ #11

  • xtc

    Jailbaits everywhere!

  • mgz06

    #21 ….. MOAR.

  • MrMav

    numbers 2, 4, 11 & 15 are the super hotties of the collection with # 4 being the hottest.

    • less10percent

      The hottest thing about #4 would be her cheek after I slapped that duck face off of it!!!

  • Thtupit

    #2 Glory hole?

    • Diggler

      The hole seems a bit small for me.

    • @valorikx221

      Hahahah. I was just going to post the same thing. You beat me to it.

  • Alllll

    WOW! All of them are loaded!

  • Stix

    #21 we need MOAR. Load MOAR!

  • KSM

    #4 Duckface; #6, all of them please – at the same time; #9 ditto; #11 HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!; #15 Please say she is legal, please….

  • Benjamin Dennison

    #3 gentlemen start your engines

  • Simon

    More like the whores of facebook. A girls isnt beautiful with an alcohol bottle down her throat. Why dont you post some cute girls in a field with flower in a sunny day… stop posting half naked bitches who will get Fat ,divorced and pregnant with no money in they're 30s. Stupid Chive.

    • jay

      you dont get the chive… please leave ….that is all

    • Natedogg

      You truly have no idea do you? Thanks for stopping by

    • Meg

      Wow…. then why do you even bother looking at the chive….. I'm calling virgin on this one……

    • Steve Shaw

      He's right – the bulk of them will end up fat, divorced, and/or pregnant with no money in their 30's (if their lucky)… but who gives a fuck? Let's enjoy them while they're hot.

      • Steve Shaw

        if they're lucky… hooked on phonics werked fer me.

        • steeeeeve

          i like boobz

    • Mikey

      I think Simon came down with a stubborn case of the gays

    • its_forge

      um yes, I believe that it is possible the Chive is not a place for you, please proceed to and do not come back here, thank you have a nice day

  • Baldy

    #5 duckface is acceptable.

    • nothingtoseehere

      Dude – That's not a duck face. That's a fantastic smile.

      • V4Vendetta14

        He meant # 4. #5 is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Baldy

    oops… #4

    • nothingtoseehere

      Ah ha! Got it, and I concur

  • Dunny

    There shouldn't even be a discussion.
    #17 has a great rack, tight ass abs and camel toe….total WIN!

  • stafferty

    #7-The term of the day is again "Flexi-sexual"

    • Steve Lee

      damn you graduation and forcing me to leave college!

  • HardCoreMike

    #11 and #17 FTW!

  • osborl12

    #11 Moar!!!

  • Don Rickles

    I've heard of gunboat diplomacy, so I guess this would be motorboat diplomacy?

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