Beautiful babies of Facebook (21 photos) did not directly take any of the above photos from Facebook. All pics submitted are by users and no guarantee any of these photos are actually on Facebook -but seriously, who cares..
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  • zym

    When my son says he doesn't want to go to college, I will show him this post.

  • @TheFlintSkinny

    #6 This is obviously from 2002, and they are clearly 16. I can tell from some of the pixels and having seen a lot of jailbait in my day.

  • Scott Angel

    PLEASE find more of #21!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BPeezy

    #19 on the right FTW!!!

  • Chingchongchina

    13 just gets me going in the right way

  • amanda

    is #18 a stretching competition?

  • Charlie Cheen

    #4 – I swear to god, there's not much worse than f-ing duckface. I hope all offenders die in some horrible duck-fire related accident.

  • jkmcdermott64


  • jlittle44

    Good God…. #17

  • God

    #15 only

  • Why Not?

    got go with #11
    i think i see a…. #17

  • Joe

    #4 with the duckface FAIL!!!

  • atomotodd

    how did #16 make it on here and not the oompa loompa gallery?

  • Jonathan

    If #11 could be any hotter, I don't know how.

  • homer

    FUH FUH FUH FUH……I Love-Hate all those beautiful, unattainable women out there.

  • Herm23

    #13 – back row, white bra = WOW!
    #17 – SEXY six pack.

  • Reed

    #18 It's the Stripper-Lympics!

  • The Dude

    #17, all the way!

  • Guest

    #15 ….Holy jailbait, Batman!

  • NotQuiteSure

    I think that #7 and #12 have both been part of dreams I have had!

  • equalizermax

    #11 – add to cart

  • John Claffy

    #5, please. Thank you.

  • jacksparrow

    21 = future wife

  • Chris

    # 4 even with the duck face deserves her own post. #10 is a photoshoppers wet dream.

  • Yes.

    #9 Yes.

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