Combining the past with the present is a bit eerie (17 Photos)

These photos and more at

  • Lisa_Martin

    Creepy cool…but mostly just creepy. #4 is beautiful in both. #8 is disturbing. Thanks Bob.

    • VSi

      They should do a Michael Jackson one … now that would be creepy.

  • Catence

    This is pretty cool. See how amazing it is when you don't mess with nature with gross plastic surgery?

    • Dawn

      your pic looks like you have had some of your own "work done"….

  • Camarillo 17

    Interesting idea – but the execution was Not…entirely…successful.


    I was hoping for a Michael Jackson one at the end….. too soon?? awwwww

    • Sakae

      agree was hoping for a Michael Jackson one…

      • coco

        me too…lol.. if they're releasing music, its def not too soon.

  • Mike

    #8 creepy Will Farrel monster baby?

  • Katie

    #16 reminds me of Sloth from The Goonies.

  • mike

    Fook this Shit is creepy!

  • @AndreDongen

    They should make one for Micheal Jackson XD

  • Mac

    Pretty cool images.

  • amrith777

    Wow…very cool and yet–as noted–creeeeeeepy.
    *shudders* Some things you just cannot UN-see…….

  • floscar

    I think the younger the kid the combined the picture with the creepier it looks.

  • @juliormz_

    This is a really creepy post…

  • BigDingo


  • HardCoreMike

    Weird! Am I suppose to recognize some of these people?


    lets see plastic surgery freaks next

  • mase

    #8 is really creepy

  • Maynard B

    Some of these folks don't look all that much different, especially in the eyes.

  • V4Vendetta14

    Look like zombies at first glance. Really creepy.

  • top dog

    Looks like something from a horror movie. Couldn't you just put the two pictures side by side? not that I'am trying to tell you how to do your job or anything, I'am just sayin.

  • nairbk8302

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned how creepy #12 is… imagine him running after you with a butcher knife

  • JPC

    #5 What is with that hair? That's not a forehead, or even a fivehead. That's a twentyhead.

  • Captain Wow

    #7 looks like Sloth from the Goonies

  • Bootie

    interesting! reminds me of our mashup icon images:

  • tag

    Cool, although they are a bit creepy. So we can all look forward to looking like crap in our old age? 😉

    I know I'd match pretty well with my younger self.

  • Gabriel

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