Leaked celebrity before and after photoshop pics never get old (13 photos)

  • stickeys

    What did they change? She looks great in both.

    • katie

      Hair, neck, boobs and waste. Don't get me wrong she looks great in the before, but they changed plenty

  • tag

    A lot of the changes are just creative manipulations of the light, but the really interesting (and sad) changes are when they manipulate the shapes of the girls' bodies. What a sham. (no, not "shame")

  • sirforsyth

    Jessica Alba looks perfect without the photoshop there.

  • do it

    call me crazy but i prefer the original #6. i want a real woman, not a barbie.

  • thrashchick

    Oh, boo fucking hoo. How dare people have wrinkles and features typical of an aging human being?! What freaks! I know I wouldn't have a wrinkle or an ounce of cellulite when I'm 50 because I'm totally perfect! Photoshop is misleading, but nobody wants to look at normal bodies… if they did, they would open their eyes to the world around them, rather than sitting behind their keyboard, experiencing a replica.

  • Amanda

    I think #1 is the ugliest thing to happen to Hollywood.

    • its_forge

      Who, Eva Mendes?

      Have you SEEN her butt? It's EPIC.

  • Man2Man

    Where are the men? I Know PLENTY of MEN that NEED makeup and NEED to be photoshopped TOO!!

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  • its_forge

    1) Gorgeous either way 2) No significant difference, she's just beautiful 3) Cameron is 38 and is simply not one of the genetically-blessed ones; she's *always* needed Photoshopping 4) Pff, sexy in both images, it's a magazine cover for Chrissake 5) She's forty-eight, man, it's Photoshop or don't let people take pictures of you 6) Pff what the hell ever, she looks great in both 7) She's a child and she's lovely 8) Kardashian looks like shit no matter what you do to the photo 9) Fifty-two very hard years of working and touring and she didn't look that good in the first place, come ON now 10) Meh, she's 40, she looks 40, so what 11) Dunno who that is but she should consider not being photographed in her underwear any more 12) Jessica Alba? Really? Yeah she was SO fug in the "before" image – that was irony in case you couldn't tell. This is stupid, can we stop doing this? I skipped 13 because it's just stupid.

  • FartFace

    It's sad that these women mainly look normal before, but the public only sees the photoshopped version which makes the real women go out and get surgery, work out way too much, get eating disorders…. All so they can try to look like the unrealistic versions of real people.

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  • wkdfrog


  • downfall616

    incredible! this doesn't look shopped at ALL! #5

  • http://tm.mk/tm ivona

    My choice is Penelope Cruise. There is no diference in her pictures 🙂

  • Hh17

    I don't get number 5

  • Professorvan

    Honestly, I didn't see anything in those pictures that justifies the blatant lies of Photoshop. Some flaws here and there? Sure. Age catching up? Of course. So what? I find the less-than-perfect reality far more appealing. I know TLDR…

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