Stylistic Parkour photography by Jonathan Lucas (19 photos)

Check out more of Jonathan Lucas’ amazing work HERE to purchase or license prints.

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  • Lisa_Martin

    Artists…they think in weird ways. God love them for making us see what they think. Thanks. 😉

  • brad

    Parkour or guy crouching on some rocks: #6

    • Cristi Palincas

      He's preparin'. You know, like when kitties lie with their bellies flat on the floor, raise their butts in the air, wiggle them, then pounce on whatever it is your holding/drinking/eating.

      I have to agree though. The actual in-motion shots are much better. Especially #16

    • antrid

      Isn't that the guy who invented Parkour? You would think he would have the most impressive shot.

      • just-sayin'

        Even though to say someone "invented parkour" would be wrong, as running from buildings and getting from a > b asap has been around for hundreds of years (ever played assassins creed? :P)

        But correct me if i'm wrong, i thought "parkour" as it is today originated in france by a guy called david belle

        • Gecko

          AC is videogame, it stylizes and speeds up the parkour to degree that you would never seen it actually attempted anyone trying to avoid detection on the street. They wouldn't be rooftop jumping the whole way but rather stay out of sight for a few minutes then walk back on street level.
          The whole extreme sports enthusiasm and spirituality that has been applied to the flashier and some cases hardly practical stunts (stunts that Renaissance era denizens w/o a death would never think about) in what we would associate with parkour is a modern phenomenon.

  • tommybhoy

    #17 that is awesome!

    • urno

      indeed it is. especially considering the Thames is diarrhea soup with a hepatitis crust.

  • doofenshmirtz

    I got a friend who leads a parkour group. Says that he likes to follow the traditional ways where parkour meant to get from Point A to point B as fast as you can.

    I think in America Parkour is mainly stunts now rite? And Free Running is now the old parkour?

    (man, my english sucks)

    • gorthaug

      parkour its from point A to point B as fast and efficently as you can, free running its from point A to point B as fast and pretty as you can, stunts or tricks its you jumping for the sakeof jumping, a tracer(someone who does parkour) would see a wall and think how best to get over it fast and simple, a freerunner would see a wall and think how best to get over it whit all the flourish that he can, a trickter would see a wall and just do some trick/stunt on it

  • 007

    parkour is lame.

  • A BiPolar Guy

    LOL I'm such a misanthrope. (not quite the right word but it'' ll do) I think nearly all of these would be great sans people and the addition of people ruins them all.

    I love mankind it's people I can't stand

  • Gecko

    # 5 was cool, i thought he was kipping on water for a minute.

  • Dan

    Parkour is great, until you bust your head open and die.

  • Why Not?

    #5 what kinda camera was used to make this?

    • GTO

      no special camera, just long exposure time

    • Obvious Guy

      I'm thinking digital, probably not polaroid

  • lolkimi

    Jackie Chan can do some epic parkour.

  • Bob

    wouldn't it be faster just walking?

  • Diana Santos

    very cool,i like it B)

  • Brian Alfonso

    #9 reminds me of spiderman…

  • tag

    I prefer the movement over obstacles aspect of parkour, not some of the stunts. The stunts are just gymnastics outdoors. The other part is creativity and smooth movement.

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