More sports timed….for your pleasure (26 Photos)

  • MigraineBoy

    #24 Popeye should have stayed a sailor.

  • HoBoGuY

    haha #4. *honk*

    • Hez26

      i was thinking..I booped your nose…..*boop*

  • gator

    #25 hurry! rip him apart!!!

  • JCP

    great post… would love for this to be reoccurring …Chive on!

    • dubya

      It is numb nuts

      • Spencer Thomson

        can i lick those numb nut?

        • dubya

          The fact that your first name is "Spencer" indicates that you have a one, not a zero in your pants. So I will have to politely decline.

          • Jailbait4meplz.

            Nice one, binary gender reckognition, never heard that before 🙂

  • top dog

    #7, when you don't know what you're doing, bikes ride you.

    • top dog

      #14, DOWN GOES FRAZIER!!!

    • Spencer Thomson

      in russia, bikes ride you

  • stafferty

    #18 It's the Vikings, its appropriate.

    • scadouche

      I like that nobody looks surprised…however 64 looks pretty intrigued

    • stafferty

      Farve: So thats what a penis is supposed to look like

      • DaddyD

        I don't know if this comment is really that funny, but I'm laughing my ass off and tears are running down my cheek. Wish I could click thumbs up more than once.

    • @JMJWebdesign

      The following people are douches for hating on the Vikes:


      • stafferty

        You might also consider adding just about everyone on ESPN and a decent number of "Anonymous" players who wear purple and gold on the weekends.

        The Vikings have been a soap opera since Mike Tice and the Orgy Boat (Also a possibly explanation for the pic)

  • LukasS

    Fuck yeah!! Zidane was the shit!!

    • Donald Thump

      Zidane WAS shit, you're fired!!

  • dajesus

    #7 – Let's go agead and get the inevitable, "in soviet russia.." out of the way so we can enjoy the tremendous afro in the background.

  • jimey

    fuck lebron and the heat

    • top dog

      Must be from cleveland Cav's fan, or the owner.

    • Donald Thump

      jimey, you're fired!!

  • mattythegooch

    You can never have enough Double Dutch.

  • tag

    #22 is awesome.

  • dubya

    Did anybody else catch that the "Afternoon Randomness" post was up for like 20 minutes and then vanished back into the inter-web?

    • Spencer Thomson

      yah wtf was that about

    • Six

      It was all in your imagination, dude.

  • Sid

    Soccer is not actually considered a sport, it's a game, like checkers or miniature golf.

    • Eazy E

      Whatever dipshit

    • diego

      maybe if if your prefer games like baseball and american football where half of the players have zero athletic ability or even the capacity to run for more than thirty seconds at a time… try to call american football a sport when after one kick return you see the player huffing oxygen on the sideline as if he is about to die

      • top dog

        diego, thats because the player is running at full speed for about a hundred yards with about ten pounds of gear on with eleven guys over two hundred pounds trying to kill you, I call that motivation. Try it once, just once I gaurantee you will be huffing and puffing too. Soccer is a good sport, yes the players run alot, but not at full speed. AMERICAN FOOTBALL RULES BABYYYYYYYY!!!!!! Soccer is a world sport though.

    • frankyfive

      The only sports are mountain climbing, bull fighting and fishing the rest are ball games. Hemingway.

    • P90

      Er…not quite bollock-chops, It's most played and most followed team sport on the planet.

    • hyperion.pantibiblon


  • rawnoyz

    fucc lebron!

  • Tom

    #4 Caption- Smell my finger, Did i get the right hole?

  • GMO

    #13 looks like Jerry Seinfeild

    • Its-a me, Mario

      the horse must hear that more often.

  • admit it

    you might hate lebron and MIA now but u cant honestly say #1 isnt one of the greatest action shots ever

    • Its-a me, Mario

      how goes the record breaking? well there is always next season to beat the bulls…..never hurts to have goals.

  • Brandon Reinhart

    #1 "Come at me Bro"

    • ChrisJ5285

      hahahaha! just what i was thinkin dude! hilarious! Or "Look Everyone , Its magic" Chris Angel (Lebron) and David Blane (Wade)

  • do it

    #23. this is what 'money' is gonna be looking at if he ever steps in the ring with pacman. oh wait, nevermind, hes too busy beating up his wife and kids.

    • Donald Thump

      You're fired!!

    • MGP

      actually this is Sergio Martinez, and they say he might fight Maywheather, but never Pacman cuz hes too heavy.

  • Gandalf..

    #26 I feel Pretty…

  • Professor Jive

    #15 – the definition of being boned.

  • Tyler Mars

    #10 This picture is just ridiculous…. Suck it Cleveland fans

    • Tyler Mars


  • Tyler Mars

    #1 This picture is just ridiculous…. Suck it Cleveland fans

  • Taylor Blissett

    Distracting, hes doing it right.

    • Diamond

      Our new distraction up at USU!

    • Foo

      That's Wild Bill from USU! Check him out, he's got more than that…he's hi-lar-ious!

  • Ohrn

    #26 Haters gonna hate.

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