My prognosis: Future Lower back problems (25 Photos)

  • I am a tool


    • Kevrobmc

      Yes you are!

      • Kevrobmc

        A tool that is Rofl!

  • Onlunch

    Great post Chive Guys #23 find her

    • rick

      thats rosie jones, zoo model

    • trashthoughts

      she's rosie jones! she's quite famous in the UK

    • maverick

      She is my future ex-wife!! she is gorgeous!

    • powpowpow

      its rosie jones

    • Urban

      To die for.

    • woulddoit
    • RGH


      They did find her and it was grand!

    • rob

      thats Rosie Jones, pretty sure

    • rip29

      Onlunch I got your back dude her name is Rosie Jones she's a british model. Chive on

    • aeromech704

      go to and select her name and you'll get loads of photo's of her with them out.

    • desertcamo

      that is Rosie Jones. She is british and mostly poses topless :p

    • Elton

      Rosie Jones

  • Richard

    #4…………oh da natural

    • sidebob

      yes, #4 is my favorite also. who is she and where can I see more?

      • Sir Maybe

        Pretty sure that's Jenn Sterger…could be wrong though

        • larry

          Jenn Sterger is am underfed hookface with fake tits.. This girl is all real.

        • dutchie

          fail comment by 'sir maybe'…but seriously Chive find her she is so dope

      • nudity and fluids

        Needs to have her own post now.

      • mixxx

        Find Her !!

    • Lev

      Chive, quit fuckin around and find this one already.

      • dutchie

        yeah, that sums up my opinion nicely

    • Raul Duke

      Please find her. Is it wrong to have a boner at my desk while at work?

      • RRDR

        rosie jones she was on chive before

    • cuda

      good god, hottest ever

    • brunmac

      For the love of god find this one… she is perfection personified.

    • less10percent

      She qualifies for the tush posts as well. Very nice!

  • Nelson Costa

    #5 Mmmmmm… colossal boobs.. **drools abundantly**

    • cyphon

      NO DOUBT!!
      Belt Bra – Deserving of own dedicatd gallery??

      • anon

        #5 is that Jwoww? Shes hot sometimes and others…. well

        • AnyoneForCoffee

          Er….just how thick is her make-up?

          Yes, it took me a while to notice.

          • ambam

            I KNOW RIGHT…

            that makeup line is awful. cant imagine what the colored picture is like. ugh

        • cyphon

          not JWoww – pretty sure she has some distinguishing tattoos on her side

          • tag

            And JWowws boobs are ridiculously fake. I'm sensing "real" potential here…

      • dubya


    • chris

      I pay serious $$ to motor boat that..

    • humor

      she is frigging hot…can u guys provide anytype of info related to her plz 😛

  • Fuck France

    Almost a whole thread without a duck face……. #17

    • WHT


      • mrnitropb

        Think she actually meant that, or just a fucking redneck?

    • Duck

      again…you saw her face?

    • Zebulon

      I think people's insistence on desperately attempting to find a duck face in every post is their pathetic plea to appease the general population and in some fashion claim a self serving sense of gratification and accomplishment. You're trying way too hard to be accepted and be cool and sadly you fail at both.

  • Tommy B

    #22 w/glasses FTW!!!!!!

    • Cristi Palincas

      Who is she? Because that's one seriously hot chick…

    • Al_Buck

      glasses, eyes, face, no bra, cool breeze…FTW!

    • Baldy

      Very impressive. Life is good

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      My jaw actually dropped when I saw this.

    • Seriously now...

      You guys are joking……did you see #5 and #20????

    • jazzel

      Who is this chick

      • dude

        she does look like a pornstar from something I've seen, coudln't find her though.

      • JES

        Looks like Selma Hayak

        • Cristi Palincas

          Not her, though. Similar, and if this girl is a pornstar, then I bet it helped her career 😀

    • Sooper Truper


    • Fred

      #22 is hottest and #15 is 2nd

    • Mal

      After a quick search; Alicia from FlashyBabes[dot]com is the result.

      • meh

        Damn! You're good!!!

    • Chase

      Can we get a girls with glasses post please! Love the chicks with glasses

    • Sid shady


  • GTO

    My diagnosis: Awesome

  • rick

    more #20 please. Please please please

    • joeybeadz


    • Rob

      I second the motion… find #20

    • Billy

      Mia Ciara. Webcam model. Although I believe she may have retired.

      • Chivemaster

        Ok. Actually kind of disappointed by a google search for Mia Ciara. This is clearly her hottest pic and she seems a lot older in other photos.

    • G-unit


  • Six

    #22 and #25 did it for me, now I can`t go get some coffee…

  • Josh B

    Can we get a post of #22 and #23 ? And find out who #25 is

    • MarcoChan

      #25 girl in the red looks very, very much like my best friends wife…I'm going to send this to her to have her look!

    • Charles in Charge

      #23 is none other than the lovely Rosie Jones

    • BoneBoy

      Her name is Rosie Jones.

  • WhiteVanMan

    Whoever makes these galleries still dosent know the difference between big tits and pushups.

    • straight talker

      Does it really matter? Go find some child to molest in your White Van.

      • cantkillcastro

        indeed, if it feels like a boob in the dark, who freaking cares.

        Wooof Woof means "no" Unless you live in Maine.

  • me and me

    #22 – will you be mine?… unless you're taken…. if that's the case, can i be your second??

    • merk the derk

      you missed that rock on her finger man. But then again, I don't blame you.

  • Dudi

    #12 OMFG I'm in love

    • Circus Monkey

      CHIVE….. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD…..FIND HER!!!!!!!!!!!! FIND HER!!!!!!!!!!!
      this is by far in my book, a really hot pic…. panties showing through dress…..SEXY as hell!!!!

      • Hayden Maxwell Fulghum

        Also, I'm pretty sure it's shopped. If you look closely at her left arm, you'll notice that it does some interesting acrobatics near her boob. And there's just something… off about this picture. Can anyone confirm?

        • Alex Nicholson

          Yeah true that… you can tell from the girls hair standing behind her… and from seeing alot of photoshops in my time.

          • cantkillcastro

            Seriously, it's a picture of a girl your never going to meet, like fapping to Playboy when you were a kid, enjoy the moment.

    • Bryan

      looks like ali larter with bigger tits

  • Phondo

    #6 Yeah, those things are never going to get her off the ground.

    • Supatimmey

      They'll keep her afloat in the water though

  • Phondo

    #24 Her brave struggle to keep that fungus contained to her hands. Bless her.

  • stafferty

    #4 Cartoon wolf-style howl
    #5 Ladies, this is how you wear a belt from now on.
    #20 She could probably beat me to death with those. I would be surprisingly comfortable with that.
    #23 See #4

    • waryee

      u sir have good taste!

  • Dave

    #23 #23 #23 #23

  • MouthfromtheSouth

    FIND #22 PLEASE!!! Boner of the Month club for sure…

    • zombie

      I believe she is a pornstar

    • stickeys

      Ditto that.

      • meh, or yah!

        well, who the hell is it then!

  • ZeddZZ

    bless you chive……..bless you


    #22 – wow

    #21 – WOW

    #20 – WHOA

    • mohit

      wht a hot boob's collection ……….AWESOME/.

  • @JMJWebdesign

    #23 #23 #23 #23

  • Cris Ron

    #6 for me!!!

  • Boobie Hunter

    #8 and #20 by far the best find them and the big booty in white shorts

  • mark

    Wow, simply wow!


  • Bud Ugly

    #4 and #10 just rocked my world.

    Rosie Jones also looks particularly hot in that picture.

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