Hot Right Now: Are sexy fails a thing, because I really want them to be a thing…? (Video)

Oh Shit!!! (25 photos)

  • MMAN87

    #13 WOW…Im pretty sure I heard in a nature program that a well placed kick from a zebra can seriously hurt and even end up killing a lion because of the damage it can do to the skull and jaws…yikes!

  • MacNCheese

    #15 Hell yes! #24 LMFAO

  • mike hunt

    what the hell is #12 from?

  • TheChiveSucks

    I love it when these drunken bastards forget to watermark their images with their own…. I still dont get why they just dont give credit other peoples shit but if you read thechives TOS they say not to take their pictures. Hypocrite fags

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  • djoser

    ебать мой хуй!

  • Always Last


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