Hot Right Now: Some NSFW historical facts that they’ll never ever teach in school (19 Photos)

Oddly, one of our most requested ‘Find her’ girls is Snorg’s Ashley Pridgen (20 Photos)

Ashley lives in Phoenix and if I had a nickel for every Chiver who asked me to do a gallery on her, I'd be a rich man.

Photos brought to you by Byron Crawford. He has a hysterical rant on getting an eye transplant right here if you’re down for a laugh.

  • Bob

    I want to titty fuck her soooo bad.
    She has a great body in the red lingerie pic.

  • Vij

    She should pose without the T Shirt. A prime candidate for future back problems

  • Mickey

    Oddly? Look at that rack!

  • MMAN87

    Haha shes cute and nicely shaped, this girl rocks! Just a wee suggestion for next time… the t shirts are cool, but can we expand on the wardrobe variability, pretty pretty please? ^_^

  • Anonymous


  • Sam

    We need pics of her in a bikini!!! NOW!!!

  • Chiver

    I'm surprised too, seeing the mugger on that ugger

  • David Laperle

    Chive just made my day … AGAIN!

  • Ron

    I know I'll get thumbed down for this but I'm right. She's ok looking. All the idiots see are her oversized cartoonish boobs and they start salivating. Give her 5 years or so and those will be hanging down to her stomach. If she had B or even small C cups, many of these same chivers would not even give her a second glance. She's not ugly but she's not even close to being hot. I find in #3 and #9 she actually her face actually looks kind of mannish (wide jaw with a bit of a chinple).

    • its_forge

      wtf is wrong with a cleft chin, lots of hot women have chin clefts, like Angie Harmon who is a maximum grownup babe.

  • Stevo


  • >18Only

    Busted face, well shaped rack. I am only assuming it is awesome, pull shirt over face for confirmation.

  • Patrick H

    how are her tits that big?

  • Bouff

    Her cans are SOOOO awesome! How big are they? Does she have her own website?


    Shes not all that.
    When its a pic of a bird with a huge rack I hardly ever notice anything but the rack.
    But this time I actually read the t-shirts. Shows her fucking uninpressive she was.

  • Ron

    #10 and #19 Adam Lambert?

  • digger

    damm it boy im in love

  • Josh

    Jesus! She has a huge rack! I would love to see them in a bikini. Or naked for that matter. Motorboat!

  • Emily Perez

    They're pretty huge boobs, but her left boob is noticeably bigger then the right. A least it looks like that pic wise.

    • its_forge

      No woman on Earth has exactly even breasts.

  • Joe Kroger

    Cool shirts. She ain't cute, sorry.

  • its_forge

    YouTube of Ashley, who is very sexy and sweet

    YouTube of MY favorite Snorg model, not that I follow them feverishly, but her name is Marissa Pierce and she's so cute she's like a drug

    Also Lacey who is so cute she will kill you with her cuteness

    • its_forge

      And Lacey who is also brain-explodingly cute.

      And one of the others is Alice Fraasa who is also friendly and sexy.

  • raul

    cool tees!

  • MrCjv

    Uh, No thanks.

  • waddawookie

    I find it weird that three weeks after you "found" her, she is in an ad on your site. Even the best sell out.

  • Anon

    She doesn't live in Phoenix, just saying.
    And there is more to this women then a nice rack.

  • Jawbone

    She's getting a tit reduction. Which means there will be nothing attractive about her VERY shortly.

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