Hot Right Now: Emily Lewis is the apex of the vortex of babe engineering (20 Photos)

Oddly, one of our most requested ‘Find her’ girls is Snorg’s Ashley Pridgen (20 Photos)

Ashley lives in Phoenix and if I had a nickel for every Chiver who asked me to do a gallery on her, I'd be a rich man.

Photos brought to you by Byron Crawford. He has a hysterical rant on getting an eye transplant right here if you’re down for a laugh.

  • SarahMM

    She's from Tampa.. The "phoenix" has nothing to do with the city.
    She has a tattoo of a phoenix, as in the mythological burning bird, a symbol of rebirth, immortality, and renewal.

    "Ashley Pridgen
    …other people from my hometown and even in my family. I am proud of what I've done and what I continue to work for. I got a phoenix tattoo"

  • Gus

    When we asked for the snorg tees girl we obviously meant this one:

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