Confucius say…(20 Photos)

  • Russ

    Man who stand on toilet is high on pot

  • Avante

    Confucius say: Man who sit on toilet … is high on pot.

  • Ross Huddleston

    idk, the winnie the pooh one made me lol.

  • TCB12

    More true words have never been spoken +15

    • TCB12


  • Dave23


    AHAHAHAHAHAH thats fu**in hilarious!

  • Dave23

    cept it would be pweeze in Confucius dialect

    • Guy

      no, it would be preeze

      Ls are Rs, Rs are Ls

      • Dave23

        you knew what i meant, and i was high

  • Diana Santos

    looooool very funny xD

  • Carl


  • Harlan

    A bird in the hand

    Could be very messy.

  • Confusious

    Man who run in front of car get tired…
    Man who run behind car get exhausted….

  • atomotodd

    woman who flies plane upside down
    has hairy crack up.

  • Ross

    Man who go to sleep with itchy butt wake up with smelly fingers

  • dawgsman81

    Man who stand on toilet, Is high on pot!

  • Anonymous

    He who go to bed with itchy butt
    Wake up with smelly finger

  • Why Not?

    best is #15

  • Tqt

    House with red light over door…not always Communist Party headquarters

  • zchlsf19

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  • rawnoyz

    #1 should read: man want sexy chivettes, must be patient!

  • powersticks

    Man who go to bed with itchy butt

    Wake up with smelly fingers

  • ASD

    good to meet girl in park but better to park meat in girl was funny as fuuck!!

  • equalizermax

    #15 is so true!

  • Phrame

    Confucius says:

    He who stands on toilet

    Is high on pot

  • MacNCheese

    #14 and #15 made me laugh the hardest. The ninja turtle reference in #20 was just awesome!

  • @elcocov

    Its ingenious but I dont like it

  • Gandalf..

    John – make it idiot-proof and somewhere they make a better idiot..

    Confusious – That would be china..Where everything's made…

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