Mericans love their drive thru’s (18 photos)

  • Brah

    I don't get #26

    • BaJezzus

      not sure if you're just "trying" to be "funny", but it's pretty obvious it's the famous BSOD.

    • Tom

      @1 #26 is showing the blue screen of death on the confirmation screen.

      I know #6. That is Climax Strip Club on US Route 22 in Indiana County, Pa. I used to pass that place everyday going to work. Oddly enough the girl i took to my senior prom ended up stripping there for a few years.

      • Brah

        Oh, thanks.

      • ohhhh yaaaa


      • Dan

        I've driven by there a lot, too. Never bothered to drive through, though.

  • BaJezzus

    When will people in hover-rounds realize that using one to operate a drive-thru is not only part of the problem, it's just revolting as well.

    • its_forge

      Do you agree with me it's likely that more than half the people who use those scooters don't actually need them but are just fat and lazy and incredibly stupid?

  • Nathaniel Patrick Fancypants

    It is one of my lifelong ambitions to place an order at the drive-thru while on a unicycle.

  • Semper

    There's nothing more American than putting through a drive-thru on a pimped out Rascal demanding extra salt on your curly fries.

  • Patrick

    #26 lol

    • Phondo

      I'm guessing this is something we Mac users won't understand.

      • Anon

        It is the windows equivalent of your Spinning Wheel of Death, Bomb icon, and Sad Mac icon.

    • polychonopolous

      … well said ..

  • gator

    they see me rollin….. they hatin

  • Pawndo

    #13 How impossible would it be to drink a hot starbucks coffee while riding a horse?

    • Salporin

      Maybe it's for the horse?

  • nothingtoseehere

    #3 (Not 'merica)

    • googboog

      neither is #25

      • dentonbeard

        neither is #20

    • Benjamin Carnahan

      Niether is 25. Chive fail.

  • Daniel

    #3 is not even in America fail!!!!

  • heso

    #6 Is a bit east of pittsburgh. Passed it a million times driving back and forth to penn state. Never bothered stopping, the quality of the girls at a drive through strip joint that far out into the middle of nowhere seemed too much of a risk.

  • yup

    #18 Shows what's wrong with America and #14 makes me forget it, in a good way.

    • yup

      Oh yeah, and kudos to #1, chouchcycles combine comfort and exercise.

  • Diana Santos

    #27 is was a man!!!! finally a proof that they also make shit driving ^_^

    • anon the mouse

      Your english is worse then his driving.

      • Grammar Nazi

        'Then' should be 'than.' Well done.

        • Diana Santos

          anon the mouse,looks like your's it's not a big deal too ahaha if you want to fix, don't do worse ^_^

          • Josh

            Yours doesn't require an apostrophe.

            • Diana Santos

              ok,thans fot the correction…i'm portuguese,so english is not my natural language :p

              • James

                And with that, all intelligent commenters imagine what their postings would look like if they tried to write in Portuguese, and back away slowly.

    • chi

      Actually that guy is standing there wondering why he let his gf drive his truck….his friends told him somthing would happen and now he stands amazed how quickly his truck went from the parking lot to the front counter.

      • Diana Santos

        o don't see his gf there ^_^ lol

        • chi

          she's takin the picture

          • Jen

            b/c he doesnt know how to work a camera

          • Diana Santos

            so it was him … she would not photograph the mess she made .. but took the opportunity to shoot the crap that the guy did for he never forget xD

            • Anonymous

              Wow you bitches are really taking this personal

  • nouu

    #3 and #25 not America, dumbass.

  • rawnoyz

    we want chivettes. clap clap clap-clap-clap! we want chivettes. clap clap clap-clap-clap! we want chivettes. clap clap clap-clap-clap! we want chivettes. clap clap clap-clap-clap! cheeeeeerrrs!

  • chiver007

    yeah #3 FAIL, that not American @ all, somebody messed up.

  • God

    #3 and #25 are both British.

  • Rich

    It's 4:15pm…no Chivettes yet. Tick-Tick-Tick-Tick….

    Again…I'm sure the site is getting hammered with hits waiting for the girls, upping the hit count and therefore generating more revenue from the advertisements…just sayin!

    • brian

      was thinking the same thing, 4:28! where are the chivettes!

  • Gonzo

    Yeah! Where are the Chive bitches, bitches?

  • Adam Sandler

    there are a few in there that are not 'merican.. and yeah the old fat ladies in electric scooters is sorta expected but there are an ALARMING number of ppl on horses! one chick with the short-shorts on didnt even have a saddle lol

  • just-sayin'

    so chive, what you're saying is all americans ride horses…until they get too fat for the horse and get an electric wheeler instead?

  • boognish

    Dear Chive, You are not helping the USA's image by posting these photos.

    • kent

      Especially by blaming the US for pictures that aren't from the US at all.

  • lonin

    #14 Bareback? Awesome

  • wasd

    highly doubt this is " 'Merica" #20

  • TieCieMatic

    Habba babba ?

  • MiddleLane

    #24 is obviously for people to wait till their food is ready and not hold up the line. I hate when that happens…..

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