What can I say, the dude loves fur (17 photos)

In a nutshell, these people are not dressed up for events, Halloween, or some type of kid’s show. Instead, they just love wearing fur. And yes, that is creepy. Enjoy the shitshow.

  • BloodScrubber

    There is so much wrong going on in this post. Scary wrong.

    OK, the cookie monster thing was kinda cool.

  • Guest

    #13 is kinda bad ass looking.

  • A BiPolar Guy

    furries! run! run! save your selves, save your souls – the demonic furries are here

    • Whaddafek?

      Agreed… I'm going for a drink to try to get this crap out out of my head.

  • Whaddafek?

    I'm a furry myself, but this is almost making me blow chunks. I don't understand fur suits…

  • markkens

    furfags are the lowest

    • Whaddafek?

      But you probably know a few. Scary, right? Even worse they're probably some of your friends.

  • ollivertwisted

    Buncha Yiffers…

  • NaoOkami

    As a member of the furry community I will say the following. Firstly, just because one is a furry does not mean they like bestiality. The second thing I will say is that not all furries like dressing up in fursuits. Not all furries wear costumes while having sex, I don't. We are all in the fandom for different reasons. Our interests vary, so you cant take one furry and say that everyone who is a furry is like them. That would be like saying everyone who watches Star Trek is a lonely basement dwelling virgin.

    • Whaddafek?

      To the Star Trek thing… Anyone who's seen every episode is…

  • trbwb

    there was something very disturbing about all this

  • Catence

    Disturbing on so many levels.

    • Fred

      Christina, You ARE a beautiful eritwr. And a beautiful soul. I am so very BLESSED to have met you at Relevant and become friends with you. You pictures might be gone, but your memories are not. Your WORDS are not. Write out the memories. Put to writing paper what would have been on photo paper. Savor the memories. Can’t wait to read more from you. **hugs** to you my friend. ~Michelle

  • avg joe

    hey lay off….

    most of these photos are from BDSM events or convention. you can tell by the passes people are wearing.

    dont be rude and call them freaks or weirdos or what not.

    i second all that NAO said.

    we all have our kinks, quirks, fetishes….

  • tag

    So fucking WRONG!! I had a roommate into this stuff, and its scary as shit! The animated kind too. Thankfully he's gone now. How do people get like this!?!

    • Whaddafek?


  • sheriff

    seriously? what is wrong with people?

    • Whaddafek?

      Well typically we all have fetishes. To be honest furries don't have a single fetish unique to them other than the fur thing. And that's just a fetish for soft stuff… Everything you see in the furry community you can see outside the furry community.(minus the fur) They're really not unique in any way…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1015730580 Robert Batson

    Never post anything like this again… please

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