• jason

    I'm actually shocked there wasn't much, much more snow that poured in.
    Can you imagine how many people would have been trampled to death, had that happened during a game?

  • Why Not?

    gods way of telling them they are going to lose

  • stafferty

    Now the Giants have to deal with a short week before playing the Eagles because someone thought an inflatable roof was a great idea in one of the highest snowfall areas in the nation.

  • top dog

    I saw this video before the game last nite, it looked like a Giant Frosty the Snowman took a dump on the roof.

  • Frank Reynolds

    And I thought that Favre was the only thing in Minnesota that collapsed under pressure.

  • Steve


  • MEH

    Hmmmm its only 80 degrees in Los Angeles. Brrr

  • Rick

    Why has nobody mentioned how fake it looks?

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