Daily Afternoon Randomness (37 Photos)

  • Herm23

    #34 – Stupid fucking winter!

  • Adam

    #23 and #24, more snippets of Chive anniversary party?

    • Adam

      ah shit, I meant #24 and #25

  • Throbbit yuengling

    Too Bad Southern Orygun Brewery cant brew good beers. I'll drink ninkasi( sleigher) and walkabout(jabberwocky) all day. actually old humbug's okay. Go Ducks!!!

  • Spellwvr

    #36 …That button isn't the only thing popping!

  • Josh

    Please find #9. PLEASE! So GD beautiful.

  • person

    more stuff like 7

  • http://www.facebook.com/hellrysr Khaqan Javaid

    #27 was evil!
    #12 wow!

  • TayTay

    #19 WHAT? No way, I went to SOU and was not aware of this!

  • Finn

    Pick 23? Where was that pic taken?

  • William

    This was our first mission, and boy was it fun! I had my vinatge Parisian gown from a couple of weeks ago, and on the spur of the moment yesterday, I invited my friend Rich. He scrambled to get a tux and accessories together, and I fortuitously found a tuxedo at the thrift store around the corner *this morning* for $8. It took a bit of altering in the car, but in the end, he looked amazing definitely one of the best-dressed men among the crowd.We met and shared space with a few other well-dressed agents farther down the beach than many. One of my favorite moments was early on, when Rich and I entered the water. There was a whole crowd watching, and as Rich dove in, they applauded loudly, followed by applause for when I immersed my red-gowned body. That’s the first time anyone has ever clapped for my swimming, and it was a memorable moment! And when we got out of the water, there were more paparazzi than Paris Hilton would have as we walked back to our towels.We received many, many questions about why we were so well dressed, and why there were so many of us. Toward the end, I had refined my response to, I always wear my tiara to the beach. Don’t you? But our favorite question was asked of our younger buddies, Are you *normal*? We had a blast thinking of possible answers to that question after the fact.I really enjoyed swimming with my gown on, and I would do it again. It was fun being the center of attention in such a theatrical way, and walking around seeing all the creative ways others were experiencing this day. We even came along at the right moment to photograph a group of agents who had buried two men (heads with bow ties). Thanks for the memories!

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