Fantasy bedrooms all kids would love (21 Photos)

  • BigDingo

    My childhood was a rip off apparently

    • Locode

      As was mine.

    • 123Roasthim

      Apparently you can buy a ticket to Transformers 2, watch half of it and want to kill yourself, then the projector catches on fire and you are forced to ask for a refund to which the employee reply, "Sorry, we can't give you a refund since you've already watched half the movie" and it STILL wouldn't be as big of a ripoff as my childhood.

      • Mega-Tron

        What in hell are you talkin about?

        • 123Roasthim

          Let's see I posted that an hour ago and I don't remember posting it. Fuck Mondays

  • Larry

    Kids who have these bedrooms get the shiot beat out of them in real life.

  • Martin

    Never too old

    • Pedobear

      I don't know about that.

      • Cristi Palincas


    • Cristi Palincas

      Maybe not too old, but certainly too big for some of them… which is too bad, some of them are awesome

  • Bobba Fett

    "Yeah, my roomates were talking about getting me a CB so I could talk to other car beds."


    • Ryan

      Alan: "You have a car bed?"

      Jeff: "But it's a FUCKIN' SWEET car."

      God I love Grandma's Boy. Such a great, underrated, stoner comedy.

      • Adrian Williams

        Yeah for christmas my roommates are going to get me new wheels…

        • Benjamin Dennison

          you mean your parents?

          • HelloYou!

            "Can i ask you for a favor?" "What? You wanna jerk off on my dad?"

            EPIC movie!

    • tim

      can i come over and beat off to your lora croft doll? that was a great movie!!

  • Duck

    I want 90% of those right now.

  • Jobillard

    I'm so going to build a boat bed.

  • DanielB

    Give me a tv a bed and a laptop and im a happy kid

    • 123Roasthim

      Hell, at this point in my spiraling financial shithole I'd be happy with a futon mattress and a playboy

  • jealous

    Spoiled brats of the world rejoice!

  • Clickawhat

    Why not build the kids and awesome tree fort OUTSIDE ?

    • Creed Braton

      cause pedobears are outside!!

    • gsekse

      Cause they live in a condo or apartment?

  • Pufffdragon

    These suck!
    The kids that get these bedrooms get bored with them in 5 minutes anyway.

  • Paz

    Man, shit like this makes me feel lame, cause I walk into my room and ain't nothing cool about it anymore.

  • avoidz

    there seems to be a lot of princesses in these comments…

  • Catence

    I would have killed to have had one of these rooms when I was younger.

    • Smoothtalker

      Id kill to be up in dem titties.

  • LT B

    My fantasy bedroom has Chivettes in them.

  • vince

    Most of these are PARENTS dream bedrooms, not kids. Give a kid a big screen and a video game console, and he'd sleep on a bed of glass shards.

    • stuff

      Pretty much, not to mention the second he discovers females he'll probably want to stop sleeping in a race car.

      • 123Roasthim

        "Get out of my dreams! And into my race car…"

    • northerner

      Sadly so, which is an unfortunate commentary on the mental state of today's youth. No imagination. If it isn't attached to something electronic they don't know what to do with it. No wonder kids today lack serious social skills. All their attention is directed at a screen. And they're overweight, probably.

  • yup

    Way to undermine a kid's fantasy. #1 and #2 are cool though, if you remove the spaceship.

    • >:D awesome-o

      why would u do that when u can go inside it 😀

  • FLHomesteader

    I still think even with all that stuff, the kid will end up in a fort constructed of pillows and sheets.

    That's what I would have done…

  • top dog

    Pretty cool actually, didn't have all this stuff when I was a kid. If we wanted something close to this we had to pitch a tent in our rooms.

    • CalculatedRisk

      Most kids wait until their teens before they start 'pitching tents'…

  • Diana Santos

    i would love if i have had a bedroom like this…but i can't complain my chilhood…i was very happy…i had always food on table,a bed to sleep,clothes to wear,i had love from my family..and i have some expensive toys too..there are children right now that don't even have food to thankful for what you got and apreciate 🙂

    • northerner

      Amen, Diana…

    • Sir Shutsalot

      Shutttttt upppppp

  • t1mvv

    Then in 5 years you renovate when they realize how big of a loser they are.

  • yeehaw

    All these photos are fake and a chive fail… There is no way kids keep their rooms that clean.

  • Nicnac

    #18 … just what is superman staring at?

  • Brandon Densley

    um… what happens when they grow up?

    • Sand Worm

      Parents with a whole lot of expensive crap that they will try to sell for the same as they bought it only to find out they are either too large to remove in one piece or something breaks when they disassemble it.

    • Marife Arangote

      Simple, since they're rich brats they could just tell their parents to renovate their room and problem solved.

  • equalizermax

    Nice bedrooms for rich kids… some kids does not even have a decent bed and food to eat for everyday living…

  • mike hunt

    a lot of angry comments here….bad childhood much?
    i work overseas and havnt seen my kids in 6 months, looks like ive got some renovating to do.
    dont hate us because we work our asses of and have money.

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