Mail order brides have future lower back problems too (25 Photos)

Yes, these are all (mostly Ukrainian) mail-order brides.

  • Pat


  • Head Chef

    where's my cheque book?

    • Kyle

      I know what ya mean. I started looking for mine as well.

      • Jacob

        Think they take IOU's?

  • LelutinBanni

    #9 = too much photoshop

    • Oh hells ya

      I think that goes for 90% of these photos.
      They're still pretty girls, but what do you say when you order a bride out of the catalog and she shows up without all the make-up and Photoshop?

    • @jintonico

      #11 has the same problema

    • freddie

      I still wanna put her in my shopping cart

  • ERN23

    I'm glad my Visa only has a 5k limit, otherwise I'd have some tough exlaining to do to my wife…

  • aosux

    #4 and #16. Can anyone show me where the cash register is?

    • kevin

      #16 is Shyla Jennings, teen porn star

      • DaddyD

        Cool. Scammers use her pictures a lot, but I never knew her name. Very hot.

  • serGe

    I would order #25

    • salmanv/sjustin

      your very nice tist !!!! hmmmm i like that tist !!!!! frm sam !!!!!

  • Random Hero

    #25 for the win.

  • Matt

    Find more of #25

    • Its-a me, Mario

      Its a mail order bride, dude. Why would she need a way out if she was modelling on the side?

    • Zman

      If you want a girl that looks a lot like this one, google Elaine Alden, you won't regret it.

    • Zman

      On second thought, that actually is Elaine Alden, so enjoy.

    • Kbill

      how much for all 3 girls in the photo? I need a maid and a mechanic too.

  • DaddyD

    Hey! I finally made the Chive! I can't tell you how much fun I had collecting these!

    On the other hand, I'm bummed that John didn't include the piece de resistance …

    • 123Roasthim


      • DaddyD

        I took these from a couple of Russian dating sites, and packaged them up for the Chive. I felt it was my sacred duty. But there was one that I was sure John would use … and he didn't. Maybe if you beg him to include number 99 in a randomness post?

  • topher

    Why pay thousands of dollars to bring a hot chick here? When I can go up one floor in my college hall, and get them for free. I love college.

    • Finster

      Youre so cool.

      • topher

        Compared to the guys who want to spend money on women from other countries. Yeah I think so. But really I'm just an average guy enjoying college while I still can.

    • Roberto Barreiro

      Send fotos so we can see it´s true!

    • Shogun

      if you got the money and your a 40 year old not getting any ass why not pay the thousands of dollars? I always wondered if they're under contract so you cant just have em for a year and send em back?

    • DaddyD

      Actually, these all come from dating sites. Brides are free. You just have to go over there and win their heart.

    • Chicks without Dicks

      Is that what you tell yourself while you try to beat off in secret as your roommate gets laid? fyi the dude who says he's constantly gettin some, is the virgin who beats off 6 times a day . But its alright man, just because you have a tiny timmy doesn't mean you cant win her over with your modesty.

  • zym

    To paraphrase the great Billy Ocean: Get out of my dreams. Get into my cart!

  • stafferty

    I would be willing to be snorkel deep on #4 and #5.

  • Chris

    #22, legs.

    • Steve Lee

      I mean geez, how bad is it over there to be that hot and still have to be a mail order bride!

      • Its-a me, Mario

        I think its the other way around. They are that hot and can not marry some lowlife ukranian farmer with 3 teeth

  • GTO

    Babies are lucky bastards. They have no idea that they own what grown men want, 8-12 times daily. suckle suckle

  • TheChipification

    I think i'm in love with #10

    • -------

      talk about photoshop

  • brent

    they shouldn't have a problem finding work …

  • saosinh

    *Adds #22 to cart*

  • Rob

    Are we sure #13 isnt Emma Watson?

    • bob

      also 25 looks abit like kylie minouge and 4 like jessica simpson

  • MailORDER

    I wonder if #22 has a bill me later option.

  • jason

    WHY, oh why, didn't I go into the foreign service. (and i do mean service…) 😉

  • LupulinDevil

    Do they have mail order rentals?

  • Shannon Coverdale

    I'll take 1 of each

  • Finster

    Fantastic post!

  • Papichulo

    Id like to "tomb" raid her.

  • Name

    #25 is not a mail order bride she's on

    • Zman

      Otherwise known as Elaine Alden. Smoking Hot.

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