Mail order brides have future lower back problems too (25 Photos)

Yes, these are all (mostly Ukrainian) mail-order brides.

  • john

    #16 is not a mail order bride…. her name is shyla jenning… and you can see her at we dated back in highschool for a few months…. her real name is jessica

  • Don Rickles



    Pics & descrption on this site:

    Looks to be off the market. 😦

  • Slacker

    An wot do I say to these birds after do svidanya? Aight?

  • jus4kickz

    #22 is hott

  • rig-pig

    To john…i have every doubt in my mind that you dated miss jennings back in high school. Thats like me saying my high school sweetheart was jenna haze sorry but no

  • Retired Navy

    I think I've seen some of these women in a hotel bar in northeast Poland!!!!

  • nick

    id buy 4 , 5 , 6 and send back within 7 days after i have worn them out, would not ask for refund but a exchange and pick a further 3 models try them out and go through the list . boy you would have a smile on your face seven days a week.

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