What can I say, chick loves long hair (56 Photos)

Let me be honest, when I see these photos of girls with ridiculously long hair I think to my self, “What has gotten stuck in there over the years?” Seriously, has used gum, street trash and adopted babies been swept up in their epic mane of hair? I don’t know, just sayin’.

  • Leela

    Some of those women really look like cousin IT from the Addams Familiy :-)))

    I have no idea how one can make sports which such long hair? Very, very unpractical. For me personally, shoulder-length is long enough, I have neighter the time nor the patience for such long hair!

  • Eslam

    you dumb piece of shit john, the french DID lose, dien bien phu was they’re last chnace at winning the war and the chinese were beaten aswell by a very experienced Vietnamese army.. learn your facts

  • bbbbb

    long hair is the bomb,I want to jerk off just looking at it.

    • Sidani

      YOU are creepy! That's totally disgusting and every long haired woman I know would agree with me on that! GAG!!!!!!!!!!!

  • longerandstronger

    Wow. You just proved to the entire world exactly why I have long hair. And to the commenter who said none of those women have ever had boyfriends moat of those women probably don't need them be aide they're already married. Except maybe the kid which I find thoroughly disgusting. Simple as this if you don't like long hair don't go searching out pics of it or trolling on longhaired sites.

  • KH!

    No, it's not the same. Hair can be put up, which makes it 100% more practical.

  • https://www.facebook.com/bhall236 Brett Hall

    I'll take a #28 she seems fun

  • Sidani

    Being a woman with wonderful knee length hair, I find most of your comments disturbing. Long hair is MUCH easier to take care of than shorter hair. A total misconception most of you obviously don't get. When I'm out and wear it down, I get tons of compliments on it. It's not ratty looking, I take very good care of it. And for those of you who don't like long hair, why did you waste your time looking at these images only to post a nasty comment afterwards?

    • dave

      i love to see women with such beautiful long hair. i really admire them and wish they were all mine.

  • Sidani

    I do believe this album is entitled "What can I say, chick loves long hair" … not a word in there about boobs. *SMH* Men!

  • http://www.wtf.com A N

    Wow, what an incredible collection of beautiful hair photos. Just outstanding. Long and beautiful hair is an asset and should be celebrated – WTF is wrong with all you weirdos anyway ?

  • dave

    i absolutely love all that hair

  • StarryMountain

    In Asia, long hair is seen as a beauty trait. Some old scholars in Japan described in writing the ideal, beautiful woman, and one of the descriptions was that a woman's hair be [the equivalent of] three inches longer than her height. American culture has deemed hair, in almost any place, length, color, or style, as distasteful. Personally I find that very unnatural as we humans, in fact, still grow hair both on our heads and on our bodies. Long hair is also a symbol of health as an unhealthy woman could not grow long, full hair like a healthy woman could. Therefore long hair should be seen as a sign that the woman is healthy (back in time this would have been more of a concern for Western culture. Today health is less of a concern due to good eating and medical aid).

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