What can I say, chick loves long hair (56 Photos)

Let me be honest, when I see these photos of girls with ridiculously long hair I think to my self, “What has gotten stuck in there over the years?” Seriously, has used gum, street trash and adopted babies been swept up in their epic mane of hair? I don’t know, just sayin’.

  • HelloYou!

    #33 is the only one with hair that actually looks kinda healty and nice… Plus, i think she is hot from the front…

  • Veronica

    I love long hair, and mine reaches to the small of my back but some of these are just too long. All of it looks beautiful and well cared for in my opinion. And it's nice to see something other than shoulder length hair. It's boring these days.

  • top dog


  • Anonymous

    an example of why everything is good… in moderation.

  • mike

    I love long hair but it has to be well kept # 30 is the best.

  • MrCjv

    Long hair on women looks fantastic. Short hair on women looks like shit and makes them look like dykes. Are these pics in the extream? Maybe. Check the style of the pics. Some are older (or appear to be) and that countrys culture (or that era) looked at women with longer hair as damn sexy. To me, it is damn sexy. Thanks Chive. Win.

  • http://thechive.com Sarah

    My hair isn't nearly as long as any of these women, but I've been told that it's longer than normal, and yes, sh*t gets stuck in there ALL of the time. I find fuzz form my jacket, crumbs from chips and bread, and I even found a twist tie in my hair once…. Explain that!

    • Longhair2

      "…and yes, sh*t gets stuck in there ALL of the time. I find fuzz form my jacket, crumbs from chips and bread, and I even found a twist tie in my hair once…. Explain that!"

      You have crappy hygiene skills? Don't own a comb or brush?

      My hair, at just below my bum, is what many of you would consider freakishly long, and NO, it does NOT collect garbage, nor does it fall in the toilet, or the sink, or the mop bucket because I have enough brain cells to know when to put it up or how to hold it out of the way.

      And to kill another myth: it doesn't take that long to care for (when hair gets past floor length it can). I don't spend 20 minutes to an hour or more everyday fighting with hairdryers, curling irons, hair gel, mousse, etc. If I had to deal with what most "fashionable" styles require every day, I think I'd go postal. Wash, air dry, put it up if I want to. Simple.

      • Sidani

        I'm at knee length and this is the easiest hair length I've had to care for and I keep mine clean. It does NOT collect nasty items as has been described here, so I'm with you on this, Longhair2! My hair is in great condition all the way to my knees and when I wear it down, I get nothing but compliments on it. I have even had hairdressers stop me to ask my washing routine because my length is in such great condition. I don't spend long at all on my hair. It's actually MUCH easier to take care of than shorter hair that has to be blow dried then styled. As for it getting in the way during different activities, PUT IT UP! Takes less than a minute for me to have mine in a bun and out of the way. And for those of you guys who don't like long hair, why did you even bother with this wonderful album of long haired women only to grumble about it afterwards?

  • marge

    #37 number 37 is really gorgeous i think but the only people that i think that can pull thiss of besides her are the weird hippie/medieval fests goers that are past the age of 30
    for some reason i think it just looks right on them

  • Doug

    You missed Crystal Gayle

  • guera

    All I can think of is this:

    1) Stand up from toilet.
    2) Butt cheeks grab hair in ass crack.
    3) Head is yanked backwards.

    Just gross.

    It's really the same thing as people who grow out freakishly long curly fingernails and toenails. Hell, it's the same as people who save a lifetime's worth of nail clippings, ear wax, etc. in jars. IT'S HOARDING.

    Waiter, there's a hair in my soup.

    • Sara

      And you're a dimwit if you think that's how we go to the bathroom.

  • rose

    i feel like anything below the waist is just bad news

  • elena

    I'm not sure why but this creeps me out a bit

    • Lovelyandlong

      So why are you lurking at a Longhair site if you're so creeped out?

  • http://www.untamedtresses.com/long-hair-care-2/apparently-we-freaks-d-2300/#post72241 Apparently we are freaks :D

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  • Longhair

    Just sayin you're an arsehole

    • Sidani

      And *I* second that!!!

  • Emerentia

    Wonderful hair. Haters gonna hate, obviously some people are not intelligent enough to see the difference between dreadlocks, which are indeed ugly, and long hair that is well-kept. Or maybe they are all jealous because they don't have the patience and the talent to get beautiful hair.

    • Sidani

      With this post, I agree 100%!!!! Dreadlocks are nasty! But, for those of us who have long hair and love it and admire it on others, it's an entirely different story. It's in the Bible that a woman with long hair be a glory unto God. I agree, maybe they're just jealous that they don't have a sexy hot woman with long beautiful hair to be with or if they're women, they can't grow their own hair this long and have it be gloriously beautiful.

  • hmmmm

    I have hair envy. I wish I had the genetics to grow my hair past my waist.

  • longrules

    It's been proven over and over that more men prefer long hair to short hair. Just ask the long-haired ladies on facebook how many friend requests they get in one week, compared to their short haired friends. :p So the sexiness of it isn't even an issue.

    As for hygiene?? Who would be dumb enough to sit on a toilet and LET their hair drape down into it? Jeeze…if you're all just assuming it because it's what YOU'D do, then the long haired ladies aren't the ones with questionable hygiene practices.

    • Marcelo

      My goodness, you took me right back then to my mum doing my baellt buns…her’s were always pants, I now know why, no hair pins!Would love to see you do a double french plait and princess leia stylee buns..Love S.A.M xx

    • Sidani

      Amen, sister!! I get more friend requests from men on FB than anything else. They ALL LOVE my long hair. And, I'm very proud of my hair. I keep it clean and very neatly groomed. I'm trim and fit and others tell me I'm beautiful. And, as longrules said, if you think we're dumb enough to go to the bathroom that way, then it's YOU who must have questionable hygiene practices, not us. It does NOT get stuck in our butt crack, nor does it interfere with sex, cleaning, or anything else. Keep it up out of the way if you're going to be doing something. And, if anything, most men dig it. I am married, but I get LOTS of propositions both online and in real life, mostly due to the long hair. I like being different than anyone else.

  • lusciouslong

    You must have had to subject yourself to hours of disgust stealing all those photos one of which is a child.

  • Rapunzel

    Stealing long hair photo's and posting them, then all the haters come out from under the rocks ro say stupid insulting comments on something they know nothing about. Now that is what I call creepy.
    Get a life haters!
    I love long hair!

    • Sidani

      Hell YEAH!!! I think they're the creepy ones. They can't see anything but boobs and asses. Of which, I think most of them ARE asses.

      • Rapunzel

        Ha Ha right! They just can't comprehend it. At least this site is now getting some positive hair comments. The hair photos posted are really nice, but it bothers me that someone posted them without permission and then the nasty comments followed. People have done this to me before and its maddening…steal your photo, make a blog and then have a bunch of people pick it apart like vultures.Makes me kind of sick.

  • Ruffneck

    It is just amazing how in a world of higher technology we as a human race can still find a way to show our ignorance. I want to first let everyone know I’m here not to insult any one individual, but to state my own option on this subject. The shear lack of respect that individuals are showing here, is not (CREEPY, DISGUSTING, nor GROSS ) But the ability to prove just how self insecure and immature they are.
    I have the utmost respect for all the people out there that take the chance to be and individual and show off all there individuality. And not go with the main stream cookie cutter looks that it seams to look like out there. It’s getting to the point now days where you cant tell the men from the women anymore just like all the cars are starting to look the same. I tip my hat to all the long hair people out there and wish there were 5 time more of them out there. Thank you for reading this and remember if you don’t have something good to say then it’s better not to speak at all. Show a little self-respect.

    • Sidani

      You, Sir, have my utmost respect! Very well written and says exactly what I'm thinking!! I embrace my individuality and my long hair. ♥ To me, it is ultra-feminine and a makes me feel special. Those who are creeped out by it really baffle me. If it's kept clean and looks beautiful, where's the creepiness in that?

  • Stephanie

    These women can always cut their hair, but nothing can be done about your being a straight up asshole. Have a good day.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002203087190 Joseph Morse

    imagine finding one of those in your pasta

  • BOB

    It is just the typical way of life of the low forhead individuals. To go on line and bad mouth the look of another individual not caring how the individual would feel if they saw it or to suffer the consiquences of your statements. It is to my knowledge that to be an individual set apart from the cookie cutter establishment is a honor, not a disturbing oddity. I will not sit here and attemped to tell you that before you go around and voice you constitutional right you need to check your self. We have the freedom to say what we want on here but just think if one of the ladies on here was one of your friends or family members. I have only 1 thing to say when was the last time you walked down the street and turned heads like it or not it always happens. I happen to love longhair and wish there were millions more. Keep it growing ladies.

  • deleted4371007

    I don't mind if their hair goes down to their back or half way. Even Chewbaca has his limits. But ya know…I won't feel sorry for any of these women if their hair were to get stuck on an escalator

    • Sidani

      So GLAD you got deleted! You, Sir, are an asshole!

  • rick

    WTF is wrong with all that narrow minded people

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